25 Nov 2009

Happy Linksgiving!

November 25, 2009Link Building

Logo on Pumpkin PieAmazingly enough Thanksgiving is here, and what better time to give thanks….with links! We’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving inspired SEO sites for your viewing pleasure. Have some to add to the list, drop a comment below and we’ll attempt to update the list. 

Linksgiving.com: This high quality directory contains user-submitted links by category. Users can vote for topics to get submitted, and they are the home of the Weekly Link Award.
"Thanksgiving SEO Recipe": A Thanksgiving inspired SEO recipe sure to help you out anytime of the year!
"Happy Thanksgiving (SEO How-to Style)": This how-to post details Robert Bucci’s success in ranking on the first page of Google for the term "SEO Thanksgiving", and gives you some great ideas on how to utilize video marketing in your SEO efforts.
"TipTop’s 2009 Thanksgiving Search Special": TipTop Search suggests utilizing their real-time search engine to search for Thanksgiving themed items like: what are you going to do with those darn leftovers, deserts people are craving this year, and more! Utilize their Thanksgiving search special this weekend and get answers to all your Thanksgiving related questions. 
Tweetsgiving: Participate in a global celebration aiming to change the world through gratitude. Share what you are thankful for this year, contribute in honor of your gratitude, and share with your friends. Follow @TweetsGiving for more details or check out their site to see how you can help. Donations go to help build classrooms, orphanages, dormitories, and cafeterias at the #twitterkids’ school in Arusha, Tanzania.
"A Social Media Thanksgiving": Scott Kleinberg at Chicago Now provides a few of his favorite social media-themed Thanksgiving items including: @butterball on Twitter, free Wifi, and Thanksgiving on Facebook.
 Fan Out Hunger and Feast For A Follow: These Vertical Measures promotions end tomorrow, so be sure to check them out. We’re donating $250 in each promotion to help end hunger. Vote for your favorite hunger charity or local food bank, and the one with the most votes can win up to $500 donated just in time for Thanksgiving!
Be sure to let us know which special Thanksgiving treats we’re missing by dropping a comment below.
Happy Linksgiving from the Vertical Measures crew!



  • Ruth West Nov 25, 2009

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at Vertical Measures. What a great company!

  • Shyam Kapur Nov 25, 2009

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from TipTop! Thanks for putting a link to our Thanksgiving Special. It is not to be missed. Please also check out TipTop, the real-time, semantic, social search engine at http://FeelTipTop.com . It is a dream engine for SEO purposes as you will discover once you play around with it some more. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

  • Alberto Rinaldi Nov 25, 2009

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from Linksgiving! Thank you for featuring us :)