13 Oct 2009

Funniest Ways to Get Links

October 13, 2009Link Building

In the world of link building we’re all looking for new ways to get links for ourselves and our clients. What are some of the most bizarre and unconventional means of achieving links? The below list are just a few, feel free to add your own! 

Skywriting: While unconventional, this means of achieving backlinks just might create quite a stir around your community! Investment: About $2,000-$5,000.

Highway Billboard: Imagine how many links you’ll get just by putting up a billboard in a busy city like LA asking for them. Investment: About $1,000-$15,000.

Door to Door: Get out there and ask! Never hurts to make a face-to-face connection with your neighbors and ask for links. Investment: Time! 

Cold Calling: Reach for the phonebook and start dialing. Phone lists can also be purchased, or you can hire telemarketers to help you with your cold calling efforts. Investment: Time, and resources can reach upwards of $10,000/month.
Texting: Pick up your cell phone and start texting. You just never know when your next text might produce a great backlink from a PR5 site. Investment: Time!
ValPack/Coupons: We all get them, those great big packs of coupons in the mail every couple of weeks. Why not put your link advertisement in with the coupons for free pest inspections, teeth whitening, and garage door repairs? Investment: Ranges depending on area, $1,000+.
Telethon: Do it up Jerry Lewis style and put together a great television segment for your very own telethon! Investment: $10,000+
Television Commercial: A very traditional means of advertising, television commercials can yield some very positive results in your pursuit of links. Coming up with a great message and producing it in a professional manner might cost a pretty penny but can also yield some great results! Investment: $5,000+
The above are just a few unconventional means of asking for links. What untraditional link building techniques are you currently practicing?  


  • Manish Oct 13, 2009

    Hahaha, i liked idea of “Highway Billboard” to get backlinks. Funny enough!!

  • Richard Saling Oct 14, 2009

    Here are four irreverent ideas:
    1. Vehicle wrap
    2. Pay students to hand out flyers with the info
    3. Have jobless stand on the street corners and intersections with the website on their cardboard sign.
    4. A Contest – link to this site and see if you’ve won $1,000,000.00

  • Kaila S. Oct 14, 2009

    Haha, those are great Richard!

  • Double Vee Oct 19, 2009

    Hi. Please find below a funny story I read a few months ago on http://www.seomoz.org/blog/who-has-the-best-link-building-techniques :

    “I bought a $600 dollar trailer and a $500 car. I boarded the trailer up all around and added a huge sign on every side that simply read , “SEE MY BLOG” and my blog was listed directly below it.

    On my blog was an explanation of how to adapt my link as well as asking to “forward it in all of your networking avenues you use” and it had a list of those about 25 networking sites to choose from so they could immediately convert.

    Also described was my goal. I was “begging”. I was begging, the same way millions of homeless people do throughout major cities across the nation, except “I” was using the worlds strongest tool, the worlds biggest street corner;… the internet.

    Now, in my $500 car with my $600 (advertised) trailer, I would “break down” on the side of the interstate where tens of thousands of people, executives, gamers, geeks, gurus, and other people drive by. Well, this was getting major hits, but I needed to make an impact by the millions.So, I bought another car at $300 and I paid two stunt people to have an accident on this major interstate right at rush hour traffic. It was beautifully done with one car upside down and the other (with the trailor) just perfectly aligned with where the news crew happens to film, and WALLAH! I’m on tv, with my advertisement, striking a huge curiosity frenzy (forget about the thousands of drive by traffic) and ultimately driving traffic to my blog that explains how I was begging by the millions.

    The results have been a viral bomb! This was 9 months ago and has already reached over a Billion clicks on a global scale.

    I am already at $30K for a lawyer, $10K for the city in damages and possibly looking at a law suit that may set me back over $100K in fines for this stunt.

    As you can imagine, I happily concur. I deserve those fines the same way I deserve my $150K a month income right now from the viral effect of that stunt.”

  • Amalia Oct 21, 2009

    These are really funny ways to get links! They make SEO funnier to do!

  • Kaila S. Feb 02, 2010

    Good idea!