Link Building Takes Time and Savvy

It’s a fact that one of the most productive ways to promote website traffic is through quality link building. Most businesses, in fact, have very good intentions of building an ever-expanding network of links back to their website to drive new visitors to their business. Within a few months these good intentions slow down and sometimes stop for weeks or months at a time. Eventually, link building stops altogether.

If these links are such powerful marketing tools, why do so many Internet businesses fail to take advantage of them? There are many reasons, but the two most common are lack of time and lack of expertise.

The Time Factor

It would be easy to establish links to your website if all you had to do was randomly submit them to hundreds or thousands of other websites and then sit back and wait. It’s kind of like throwing them at the wall and hoping that something will stick. It doesn’t work.

Businesses have to do intensive research into what types of sites are available that may be of interest to their own customer base. Looking into what types of sites their competition has and finding out how many web rings and online blogs are available are just a couple of research ideas. Just finding the right sites for link building can take hours each week.

Submitting links is also time-consuming. Many of the websites on which you would like to have a link won’t simply list you unless you can provide something of value to them, whether it is news and information in the form of press releases, informative articles on a particular topic or opinion pieces for a blog. Producing high quality written material for so many sites is a daunting task for even professional writers.

Understanding Content for Link Building

Targeting the right sites is only the beginning of link building. Once you know where you want to place links to your own site, you need to consider several other issues, including:

• Learn what type of content you need to provide to other websites in order to have links back to your own site
• Find out who will provide that content, and how often will you need new content
• Educate yourself on how you will submit your materials to the various websites, directories and press distribution services in order to ensure that your information gets out there on the Internet, with links included
• Research what type of content will generate interest and draw traffic to your site
• Study what type of content is most likely to be picked up by directory sites and distributed to other websites

As a business owner, you are certainly an expert in your particular area of business, and that is probably what keeps you busy sixty hours or more of every week. You can educate yourself in all of the intricacies of researching, developing and writing excellent website content that relates to your business, but it will require time that you probably don’t have.

Collaboration is the Answer

The perfect solution is collaboration with an Internet marketing specialist who provides link building services that include everything from research and market analysis to writing and submission of articles. A service like this can provide ongoing support to your business by constantly increasing the number of links to your website and increasing Internet awareness of your brand through articles and press releases.
To find a good Internet marketing company that will assist you with link building, ask these important questions:

1. Do they work closely with their clients to determine their specific needs as well as researching the competition?
2. Can they provide professionally written content of all types, including articles, press releases and blog content on a regular basis?
3. Will they customize their marketing and link building plan to your particular website and niche?

If you find a company that does all of these, you will soon find your website traffic increased exponentially through link building.