17 Sep 2013

What Strategy is Best: More Links or More Content?

September 17, 2013Internet Marketing

Q & A Video

It may seem like a dilemma for a lot of webmasters out there: content marketing or link building? Why not both, we say?! These strategies can go hand in hand and don’t need to just be on their own. By creating informative, transparent, and relevant content, you will naturally attract links. Watch the video to learn more on how these strategies complement each other.


Hi everyone, Mike Huber here at Vertical Measures. Since the Penguin update, a lot of Internet marketers have been asking themselves the question: “Should I keep building links, or should I add content to my site?”

That’s actually a really good question. So let’s take that question and break it into two separate parts. First we’ll talk about content, and then we’ll talk about link building.

So what about content marketing as a strategy? The more content you put on your website, the more search engines will find you and love you. In fact, 90% of searchers on the Internet are looking for information to help them answer questions.

So what kind of content should you put on your website? Well, there’s actually three different categories of content that you should look at: self-serving content, content that provides transparency, and then relevant content.

So self-serving content is really about providing the consumer with information that they need when they need it. Robust content that answers questions is really helpful.

The second thing is you should have transparency in your content. Provide pricing information, and provide information that helps people make decisions. You’ll find this kind of information actually moves people through the sales funnel, and they answer a lot of their objections before they even talk to you or contact you.

And then the final kind of content is relevant content. I know I’ve been to websites where I’ve gone and looked at content that’s three years old. You want to make sure that your content is updated and relevant so people who are searching find the answers that they need.

So what about link building? Actually, when you start adding content to your site, you will generate natural links. If you have really good content, webmasters will find it, and they’ll want to link to it. The advantage is those links are natural links because they’ll be developed offsite by other webmasters.

So you can build content, or you can build links. Both of those are really great strategies. In the long run, the more content you have, the more natural links you’ll build, and that will also generate the traffic that you need to your site.

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  • Lloyd Sep 19, 2013

    Great job at presenting a big topic in a clear and concise fashion!