10 Apr 2012

Understanding Quality Lead Generation: Part I

How to Generate Quality Leads for Your Travel Services Business

What is at the top of growing challenges facing marketers these days? Generating high-quality leads. Lead generation can be a timely endeavor that requires research, know how and of course time. Soliciting inquiries from potential customers has traditional applications with tactics like cold calling or trade show marketing, but modern lead generation usually involves a web component.

Businesses can use their websites to help generate new business leads, especially in a field such as the travel services industry. Web visitors can fill out inquiry forms online just like over the phone with cold calling or in person via trade shows.

In order to understand how to generate quality leads, you first have to define what a quality lead is for your initiatives. In this post we hope to help you through the multi-step process of understanding quality lead generation.

What is a quality lead?

A ‘quality lead’ is defined differently across industries and even within your own organization – although it really shouldn’t. This often happens because different departments, marketing and sales mostly, have differing ideas of what quality of a lead is. Lead generation expert Ardith Albee helps us understand more about why these departments often have conflicting views on what a quality lead is in her post “How do you define a high quality lead”.

Marketing initiatives are usually big picture, future thinking – addressing the needs of those buyers that need help making their decision before converting into a sale. Sales initiatives on the other hand are shorter term and laser focused, hoping for the quickest sale. The types of leads and intrinsic “quality” or value of those leads are inherently different for each of these departments. This difference often causes issues when trying to define what a quality lead is for your business.

A consistent definition should be in place for what you consider a quality lead.  If your business wants to generate quality leads you have to define what you think quality is first. Make sure you consider the needs of both marketing and sales in your definition.

Examine personas and define the type of prospect you’re looking for. Who are you targeting, who are your ideal leads? You may examine past data to help you figure out who you really should be targeting with your lead generation initiative. Remember, your definition of a quality lead is going to be different from companies. Make your own definition using the data and information about your business you have at your fingertips.

Lead Generation Tactics

Several lead generation tactics exist to help businesses maintain and increase website inquiries. Utilization of  multiple channels of lead generation is suggested by many experts.


Search engine optimization is certainly a lead generation tactic. A website can be optimized for terms that will draw in targeted and qualified traffic. Doing keyword research and finding niches within your industry very well could draw in the traffic you need to generate a substantial amount of online leads. Being able to understand trends in search patterns and buying cycles is important as well – timing can be everything.

Content Marketing

Many pieces of content can be used as lead generation tools. Boost lead generation by building trust through effective content marketing. Provide content after users provide you with a filled out lead form. Content you can entice users with may include:

  • Webinars
  • Free Guides
  • Blog Posts
  • Video

Exclusive content has its appeal to a certain audience, and you may find that lead forms start to increase once implementing this type of tactic.

Social Media

Soliciting leads direct via social media is one available option for businesses. Use content to garner followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook. Reach out to users online through social media and drive traffic to your website and lead forms.


Developing content that is optimized for search engines, written well, sharable and interesting in the form of a blog post can garner leads online. Using your expertise to drive traffic to your site from others websites isn’t impossible and sometimes can be free. Guest blogging on notable website with your industry is great for lead generation.

These are just a few of the lead generation tactics to wet your appetite for part 2 of our post. If you’ve used one of the tactics above to successfully drive quality leads, share with us in the comments below.

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  • Rob Start Apr 11, 2012

    Any thoughts on why companies are not keen on having leads gained from social media/classified sites?