13 Sep 2013

The Weekly Measure: September 13, 2013


The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, as well as highlights of upcoming internet marketing conferences and webinars, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.

The Weekly Measure Content Marketing

Google+ Introduces Embedded Posts

Kurt Wagner of Mashable explains the newest feature of Google + to change our blogs: embedded posts.  You can now easily highlight a G + post in any blog article easily and it will be interactive on your blog.

The Favorite Content Marketing Blogs of 19 Content Marketing Experts

content marketing stats

Trying to stay up to date on the latest content marketing trends and snafus can be quite the daunting task. Luckily for everyone, Heidi Cohen has asked 19 Content Marketers what their favorite content marketing blogs are so that we too can read them and learn their secrets!

A Guide to Marketing Genius: Content Marketing Infographic

We know there are thousands of infographics featuring content marketing, but this one is more than you might expect. Demand Metric’s comprehensive infographic takes you through they Why, How and What of content marketing in an easy to see and easy to implement way.

The Content Formula for Ranking in Search

Can it be true? This week on the Vertical Measures blog Arnie Kuenn was joined by John Doherty and Marcus Tober to discuss the ins and outs of getting your post to rank well in search engines.

150 Blog Posts in 50 Days: Why Were Marketers Mad?

A call tracking company did an experiment that content marketers have been preaching for ages: published massive amounts of content. For 50 days logmycalls.com staff published fresh, useful and relevant content 2-3 times a day and the results are quite astonishing. They managed to increase their organic traffic to the site by 514% while helping more customers than ever before and were able to fire the SEO company who had failed to deliver great results previously.

The Weekly Measure Paid Search

Say Goodbye to Bad Ads, but Don’t Kill Your Advertising Budget

Are you ready to begin some paid search advertisements but not sure where to start? Katherine Kotaw gives some tips that anyone might be able to learn from.

How To Bid Smarter With Your Ideal Keyword Positions

The mantra work smart not harder has never been more true. Sam Owen of PPC Hero gives us some insider info on how to bid just a little bit smarter at the account and keyword level.

“As Chris Martin from Coldplay wants me to do, I’m going back to the start. That is to say, I now have better data to help guide me make my bookends.” – Sam Owen

Google’s Latest: Offline Conversion Tracking for Google AdWords 

ClixConversionTrackingIf you’re looking to know what the new offline conversion tracking section on Adwords is all about, look no further.  Clix Marketing blog is breaking it down for the rest of us so we can keep pace with Google tools.

5 Free Must-Have Keyword Research Tools – A 2013 Update

While this could fall under any category this week, the Paid search crowd may appreciate it more than others. The original post by Andrey Milyan has been updated to include eight great tools now for all your keyword crafting needs.

Why Local PPC Needs Call Tracking

Local businesses stand to gain a lot when begin a new PPC campaign and exposure is only the half of it. Call tracking can make an entire PPC campaign more worthwhile with little more effort. Marc Poirier explains why in this article.

The Weekly- Measure Social Media

You Need A Social Selling Command Center!

Star Trek theme aside, Gerry Moran is speaking the truth when he says “before you fire off errant tweets and use several tools to do different types of listening and engaging, power up your personal social selling command center to save you time and increase your chance for success”.

“If your content and social selling messaging activity is working, then you want to do more of it. When it’s not working you need to change it. However, if you are not able to measure your work, then you cannot make these changes.” – Gerry Moran

3 Mobile Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

If your social media is suffering, look no further than this post. Greg Hickman breaks down the 3 tools that can revive your mobile dilemma.

How to Create a Fantastic Social Media Plan

Successful social media strategy has more to it than posting the occasional Cat meme. Let Peg Fitzpatrick share her plan to organize your SM posts to maximize readership and conversions.

10 Top Google Plus Tools for Digital Marketers

As Jeff Bullas puts it, “Google+ is about data” and the sooner we recognize the how Google + is different from other social networking sites, the more successful on the platform we can be!

Imitation Nokia

 How 5 Brands Best Responded to Apple’s iPhone Announcement on Twitter 

Taking your brand too seriously can drive customers and social media followers away, but there is a fine line between a funny sharable post and a total social media nightmare. Deborah Sweeney entertains us with this post and how we can learn from these major brands and their newsjacking attempts.

The Weekly Measure SEO

Comparing Rank-Tracking Methods: Browser vs. Crawler vs. Webmaster Tools

Dr. Peter Meyers of Moz.com does some time intensive studying of rank methods so that you don’t have to. The moral of the story is that you can’t use just one!

“In the end, we need to broaden our view of rankings and visibility, regardless of which measurement method we use, and we need to keep our eyes open.” – Dr. Peter Meyers

Google’s Matt Cutts On What To Do If Your Site Was Hit By Panda

Search Engine Land brings us a nice recap of the video Matt Cutts created on the aftermath of Panda. For those of you still struggling with rankings after the momentous Google update, this is a video you won’t want to miss.

Talking to Unicorns: Rare Women of #SEO Speak Out

You may have heard of great companies like Moz and Overit, but did you know they have some very powerful women at their helm? Thanks to Kate Roumbos for giving us some insight on the rarely mentioned other half of SEO.

Content Forecast: On-Page Factors for Better Rankings Adlinks - AdSense

A fairly data intensive post by Brad Kuenn breaks down how to optimize your on-page content for maximum search engine optimization.

What Does SEO Cost?

Joshua Steimle of Forbes finally answers the question of the cost of a great SEO program.  The true question is, what is it worth to your business present and future?

The Weekly Measure Link Building

You’re not going to Get the Links if You don’t do the Work 

Jon Ball does a great job here of breaking down the difference between link building and link earning and how you can excel at both.

“So link earning is great, in an ideal world. Unfortunately we live in the real world, and have to face reality. The sad fact is that 99% of websites don’t have the audience engagement necessary to ‘earn links’.” – Jon Ball

Metrics that Drive High Quality Link building

Are links still a ranking signal in Google? Paddy Moogan of State of Search says they definitely are. Learn the difference between a good link and a great link in this informative post.

What People Think I Do: Blogger Outreach Edition Ranktomorrowmeme

Being a link builder or blogger outreach specialist isn’t as easy as it sounds, nor is it easy to explain to someone outside of the Internet Marketing world. On Distilled this week Britt Klontz does a great job of describing the difficulty in communications about the profession.

3 Ways Link Building May Get Harder in the Future

We know it won’t be going away, but do we know just how much more difficult it’s going to get? Pratik Dholakiya helps us take a hard look at how the crucial ranking factor will be changing soon.

Overlooked Link Building Opportunities for E-commerce Category & Product Pages

In the world of link building, we are always looking for new opportunities to find great, natural looking links. If you’re in the market for some e-commerce links, check out this blog post by Jon Cooper and be prepared to be amazed.

The Weekly Measure Upcoming Events

September 17: Stress-free Website Redesign for Search and Social

September 24: From Howard Stern to Thomas Paine: 5 Actionable Ways to Create Content from Histories Best Content Creators

October 1-3: Search Marketing Expo SMX East 2013:NYC

October 15-16: Digital East – Washington D.C.

October 21-24: Pubcon Las Vegas

November 26-27: Telecoms Tech World – London

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