09 Feb 2018

The Weekly Measure: Paid Media Trends, HTTPS Deadline & Personalization Fails

February 09, 2018Internet Marketing

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Content Marketing

out of the box

4 Case Studies Show How to Crush It With Out-of-the-Box Content Marketing

– Content Marketing Institute


Four case studies show how to create out-of-the-box content that delivers results.

How To Use CRM Data Mining For Smarter Content Marketing

– Oracle


If your company wants to leverage the power of content marketing, then a more refined understanding of who is actually participating with the company is necessary.


Paid Media


5 Paid Media Trends You Should Know in 2018 (So You Don’t Fall Behind)

– Vertical Measures


Want new moves that you can add to your paid media playbook to make sure you stay ahead of the competition? Here are 5 Paid Media Trends to be aware of in 2018.

Google AdWords Express Now Has Push Notifications for Missed Calls

– Search Engine Journal


An update to Google AdWords Express will help ensure advertisers never miss another customer call thanks to push notifications.


Social Media


Social Media Trends Should You Watch for in 2018

– Vertical Measures


Let the magic 8 ball highlight some of the top predictions for 2018 from industry experts. Then, find out what Vertical Measures believes will hold true in 2018.

How Does Facebook Stories Stack Up to Snapchat?

– HubSpot


Is Facebook Stories as good as Snapchat? Learn how to best use Facebook Messenger’s latest feature, and how it compares to the competition.


Search Engine Optimization


Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS and Warns Publishers to Upgrade Soon

– HubSpot


Google set a deadline for July 2018, when Chrome will begin warning users about insecure web pages. Failure to upgrade to HTTPS may result in losses to organic traffic.

Diagnosing Why a Site’s Set of Pages May Be Ranking Poorly

– Moz


In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand shares a detailed process to follow to diagnose what went wrong, why it happened, and how to recover.


Email Marketing


A Primer: How to Expand your E-commerce Store with Email Marketing

– SEMrush


Email Marketing is an easy, inexpensive tool that can provide e-commerce entrepreneurs with a number of benefits that bring weekly subscribers,

3 Common Personalization Fails (and How to Fix Them)

– Campaign Monitor


Avoid personalization fails and create email marketing content that customers crave. Campaign Monitor shares ways to make sure your emails convert.


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