23 Mar 2018

The Weekly Measure: March Madness, Excel Solver & Analytics Alerts

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Content Marketing


How to Create a Digital Marketing All-Star Team

– Vertical Measures


We highlight the different expertise that goes into a successful marketing team. Find out how each position plays an important role on the “court” of digital marketing.

6 Content Marketing Plays Inspired by Basketball Madness

– Content Marketing Institute


Look at these 6 basketball-tournament-inspired plays for your content marketing playbook.


Paid Media


Google AdWords Accounts With No Recent Ad Spend are Getting Deactivated Next Week

– Search Engine Journal


Google will start deactivating AdWords accounts next week if they have not spent any money in the past 15 months.

Learn How to Automate Excel Solver to Solve for Multiple Values

– PPC Hero


In this article we’ll automate Excel Solver from start to finish. We’ll cover the concepts and methods step by step. By the end you’ll be able to automate any of your own personal models and scale your analysis.


Social Media


Instagram to Show More Recent Posts First

– Search Engine Journal


Instagram is moving away from its algorithmic feed and will start showing newer posts near the top.

Instagram vs. Snapchat: Which App is Best for Your Business?

– HubSpot


Should your company invest time in Instagram or Snapchat for marketing? We break down the differences you need to know before deciding.


Search Engine Optimization


How to Boost Bookings & Conversions with Google Posts

– Moz


Have you been using Google’s Posts feature? It can boost your conversions in the SERPs. With some creativity and ingenuity, one company was able to increase their Bookings by 11%.

6 Essential Google Analytics Alerts for SEO Specialists & Web Agencies

– SEMrush


By setting up Custom Alerts within Google Analytics you can ensure that you keep on top of any issues before they progress to cause too much damage.


Link Building


Stop! Think Twice Before Using Nofollow On Your Website

– Search Engine Land


Using page-level nofollow attributes? Just stop, says Contributor Patrick Stox. Instead, use nofollow on specific links if you have to use them at all.

How to Build Links Like a Business Networker

– SEMrush


Are we reaching peak outreach yet? Building links like a business networker is one link-building strategy that stands out from the countless guest.


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