23 Jun 2017

The Weekly Measure: Link Building Frustration, Hospitality Emails & Higher Education Content

The Weekly Measure returns every Friday to deliver a curated list of content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news cherry picked from sites throughout the week.

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Navigating Between What Google Says vs. What Google Does with Jim Bader


Content Marketing


Higher Education: How to Raise Your Content Marketing Game

– Content Marketing Institute


Higher education content marketing poses unique and common challenges. Read about some solutions and inspiring examples.

How to Make Your Blog Posts Generate Serious Leads

– Marketing Insider Group


Ready to turn your blog into a machine for lead generation? Here are the essentials you want to master to ensure your blog is doing its job.


Paid Search


What We Learned From Spending $100k On Facebook Ads

– HubSpot


Learn how this 3-person digital marketing team strategically spent $100k on Facebook ads, and how it impacted their company.

How to Create Relevant PPC Ads with Quality Score

– Content Marketing Institute


Historical quality score data helps you create more relevant PPC ads and find ads with below average ad relevance, landing page experience, or expected CTR.


Social Media


How The Weather Channel Does Social Media

– Content Marketing Institute


The Weather Channel’s social media specialist shares what they do, why they do it, and how to do live streaming well.

The Social Media Survival Guide Your Boss Needs

– Hootsuite


So what’s the key for leaders hoping to survive (and even thrive) on social media in the Drumpf era? In a nutshell, it comes down to readiness.


Search Engine Optimization


Moz Local Report: Who’s Winning Wealth Management?

– Moz


We analyze 5 keywords X 5,000 cities to find out, including key takeaways for players who want to compete in the wealth management space.

7 Essential Elements for the Perfect SEO Report

– Search Engine Journal


Creating SEO reports for clients can be a daunting task. Here are seven essentials you need to include to make perfect SEO reports for your clients.


Link Building


What is Your Biggest Frustration with Link Building? The Experts Tell All

– SEMrush


We asked the experts about frustrations they face with link building and the methods they use to overcome them; eleven industry pros chimed in.

Creating Influencer-Targeted Content to Earn Links + Coverage – Whiteboard Friday

– Moz


In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand covers the tactics that will help your content get seen and shared by those with a wide and relevant audience.




Seven Smart Strategies to Maximize Your Gmail Inbox Placement

– Act-On


Looking to improve your email deliverability? Check out these strategies to maximize your Gmail inbox placement.

10 Tips for Wildly Successful Travel and Hospitality Email Marketing Campaigns

– Campaign Monitor


Captivate travelers with these email marketing campaigns. Campaign Monitor share travel and hospitality industry tips to retain email subscribers.