04 Aug 2017

The Weekly Measure: How to Explain Content Marketing, Authority vs. Relevance & Google Snippets

The Weekly Measure strives to deliver the latest in content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news each week to its readers. Also featured is a schedule of conferences featuring industry experts, including those from Vertical Measures. Keep pace with the Weekly Measure as we continue to bring you the latest in internet marketing news.

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The ABCs of Persuasive Copy with Nancy Harhut

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Content Marketing


How Can You Measure the Successes and Failures of Content?

– Vertical Measures


To start measuring the success of your content, you need a marketing strategy with specific goals. Find out which metrics gauge content success vs. failure.

How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone

– Content Marketing Institute


How to explain content marketing to yourself, your boss, or your relatives.


Paid Search


4 AdWords Scripts to Improve PPC Management

– Clix Marketing


Learn about 4 powerful AdWords scripts to help you save time & better manage your PPC accounts.

How to Deliver PPC Data with Confidence

– PPC Hero


Get 3 tips on how to deliver PPC data with confidence during a client call, a strategy pitch, or when presenting at a conference!


Social Media


Twitter’s New Font is the Change No One Asked For

– BT


It appears users have a wishlist of Twitter improvements and changing the font is not included.

The Future of Social Media Is Here: These Are the Trends You Need to Know

– HubSpot


Is your company ready for these big social media changes?


Search Engine Optimization


The Featured Snippet Re-Refresh: What Are They Up To Now?

– STAT Search Analytics


We updated the findings from our original featured snippet study to see just how much everyone’s favorite SERP feature has changed.

This SEO Strategy Helped Hootsuite Double Its Traffic

– Search Engine Journal


Learn how a combination of on-page optimization techniques and adopting a cohesive SEO strategy helped Hootsuite’s organic traffic double.


Link Building


Link Relevance vs. Authority: Which Do You Want?

– Search Engine Journal


Which type of link would be the best for a website to get: a link from a highly authoritative site or a link from highly relevant site? Find out here.

An Easy Quarterly Plan for Local Link Building

– Search Engine Land


Looking to build links for your local business? In this helpful how-to piece, columnist Greg Gifford outlines his process for finding and acquiring great local links.




Email Deliverability: This is Why It Matters

– Act-On


If deliverability is a focus for your email marketing efforts, tune into this blog to how your marketing strategy may be influencing your deliverability.

Does Your Marketing Strategy Make the Grade? The Email Scorecard

– Campaign Monitor


Move your email marketing to the top of the class. Campaign Monitor uses the email scorecard to evaluate your strategy and show where you can improve.