16 Mar 2018

The Weekly Measure: Goldfish, Snapchat Streaks & Zero-Result SERPs

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Content Marketing


The Goldfish Conundrum: Why Does Long-Form Content Perform Better?

– Vertical Measures


Google favors long-form content and your audience wants it, so why aren’t you creating longer content that provides the most value?

Seven Fixes for Common Writing Mistakes

– Content Marketing Institute


Improve your content marketing writing with these seven fixes (including bad and good examples.) Your readers will thank you.


Paid Media


Top 10 Best Practices When Writing PPC Ad Copy

– Search Engine Journal


Want to write more profitable PPC ads? Get more clicks on your paid search ads by applying these 10 copywriting best practices.

The PPC Pro’s Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Retargeting

– Clix Marketing


Matched Audiences gave advertisers the ability to retarget ads to website visitors for the first time on the LinkedIn platform.


Social Media


What is a Snapchat Streak and Should You Be Concerned With It?

– HubSpot


What does the fire emoji mean next to someone’s name in Snapchat? Learn what a Snapstreak is, and why some teens are absolutely obsessed.

How to Integrate Shopify With Facebook

– Social Media Examiner


Find four tips to integrate a Shopify store with your Facebook (and Instagram) marketing.


Search Engine Optimization


Zero-Result SERPs: Welcome to the Future We Should’ve Known Was Coming

– Moz


Dr. Pete explores the prevalence of these results, what they mean for SEO, and why this evolution was probably inevitable.

Google Search Results Page Displays Answer Without Any Search Results

– Search Engine Land


Who needs the ten blue links when you have the answer? Google is hiding the organic listings from some search results.


Link Building


Most Effective Outreach Strategies for Link Building

– SEMrush


To reveal the outreach strategies and content types specialists from different areas choose to achieve their link building goals, SEMrush surveyed 500 SEO and digital marketing professionals.

14 Ways to Build Links Through Content Marketing

– Search Engine Journal


Content marketing remains the most effective way to earn links to support your SEO efforts. Here are 14 content-led link building tactics you can use based on your budget.


Email Marketing


Using Email to Increase Repeat Purchases for your eCommerce Store

– kissmetrics


What kinds of emails should you send? How often should you send them, and what should they contain? Here are a few of the best examples of eCommerce follow-up emails and why they work so well.

Why Email Should be the Cornerstone of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

– Campaign Monitor


Drive traffic and lift sales with email marketing. Campaign Monitor shares why email will be the glue that holds your digital marketing strategy together.


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