09 Aug 2013

The Weekly Measure: August 9, 2013

The Internet marketing world is constantly churning out new ideas and innovative strategies for promoting clients and reaching customers. Each week, Vertical Measures will be collecting the best of the best from around the web, compiling all of the finest into The Weekly Measure. We’ll be on the lookout for great new articles, covering content marketing, paid search, social media, SEO and link building, and we look forward to reading your work, posting the best, and helping you stay connected every week.


3 Steps Toward Freedom from Your Headline Woes

Even the most brilliant content will go unseen if labeled with a poor headline. Yosef Silver breaks down some creative ways to find your next winning headline in this YouMoz Blog article.

“If content is King, headline is Maharaja.” – Yosef Silver

Keyword research strategyKeyword Research Strategy Guide

Brian Jensen of SEO.com offers this guest post on Tech Page One, speaking to those who are looking for new strategies in keyword research.

The Best Content Ideas Come From Customers’ Nightmares

Barry Feldman looks at a new way of content brainstorming by examining what’s really on consumer’s minds: their worries. In looking at what keeps consumers up at night, this MarketingProfs article gets the creative wheels turning for new content ideas.

How to Create Content Strategy for a B2B Business

Content strategies differ among businesses and industries, and this article by Jayson Demers on Search Engine Watch gives sound advice on developing a winning B2B content strategy.

What Is Unintentional Duplicate Content?

In this helpful video, Art Enke of Vertical Measures talks about unintentional duplicate content and how it can hurt your online efforts.


Revealed: The 17 Other Search Engines The FTC Warned Over Paid Ad Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission recently warned several search engines about making known which ads on their sites are paid. Google, Bing, Orbitz and Expedia, among others, are expected to abide by full disclosure, and this article by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Land lists every site that was warned.

5 Secrets To Maximizing Retail Budgets For Paid Search

In 2011, $3 billion of Google’s profits were attributed to online retailers, for paid search. Search Engine Land brings you this article, written by Matt Ackley, and giving solid advice on how to maximize revenue for paid search.

Paid Search Can’t Scale Without Help

Vic Drabicky shares insight on the important role of scale in paid search, and this Marketing Land article is a good read for anyone looking to make more of their paid search efforts.


Mobile Paid Search is Seriously Winning: Here’s How

A recent 2013 report suggests that spending for US mobile paid search has doubled, and this smart article by Jonathan Houston on memeburn.com gives business owners a new outlet to consider.




Pinterest Adds Discount Notifications for Pinned Items

Frank Reed shares Pinterest’s news on Marketing Pilgrim, as the online pinning community will be adding discount notifications for items that have been pinned. Alerting buyers to the fact that their favorite items are less expensive should prove to be a valuable selling point.

How Do the Best B2B Marketers Generate Sales Through Social Media?

This article on theguardian.com speaks to B2B marketers and the usefulness of social media for their businesses.  David Benady shares the knowledge of several B2B executives and the role social media is playing in their work.

“People buy from people and nothing ever replaces a face-to-face conversation. But the business landscape simply doesn’t allow that conversation to happen on a global scale. Social media does.” – Brian Pember

Can Social Media Fix the Washington Post? 5 Hacks for Jeff Bezos

This article provides a nice case study of The Washington Post and social media’s role in ‘fixing’ the declining print media industry. Ryan Holmes shares the story via Fortune.

26 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Profiles

Anyone with a social media profile can benefit from this Social Media Examiner article. Written by Debbie Hemley, this piece gives 26 helpful tips for improving your social media presence.

Leveraging Pinterest for SEO and E-commerce

Did you know that Pinterest now has more than 70 million users? A good portion of that isn’t just pinning; it’s buying. This Search Engine Watch article written by George Fischer tells exactly how to use Pinterest to boost your business’s SEO and e-commerce.


UW Search Expert ‘Disappointed’ with Microsoft Bing’s Progress

Since its development five years ago, Bing has not made the progress that Oren Etzioni ( ) had thought it would, and he recently voiced his opinion. Taylor Soper has the story in this article on GeekWire.com.

Google Analytics Opens Invitation To Beta Of The New Real-Time Reporting API

Google Analytics users can test out the closed beta of the brand new real-time reporting API, but it’s invitation only. Find out more in this Marketing Land article by Amy Gesenhues while you wait for your whitelist invitation.

Median Page Loading TimeHow Website Speed Actually Impacts Search Ranking

Well, it’s official: a website’s speed actually does impact search ranking. The Moz Blog shares Google’s recent announcement and how you can speed up the process.

A Collection of Site Audit and Tool List Resources

Looking for some new SEO tools and audit resources? Melissa Fach of Authority Labs offers up a nice selection in this resource-list article.

Google’s Matt Cutts: We Fight Search Spam In 40+ Countries & Internationalize Our Spam Algorithms

This Search Engine Land article shares Matt Cutts’ video, discussing the search for spam, on an international level. Barry Schwartz brings you the story.

What is ‘Pure Spam’? 10 Examples From Google

Dave Davies for Search Engine Watch brings you ten very good examples of spam, as seen by Google. This article offers a prime opportunity for you to rethink some of the links on your site.

“We all have our own definition of “pure spam” but what’s more important is understanding what Google means by it.” – Dave Davies


Broken Link Building: How to Find Thousands of Broken Link Opportunities at a Time

Link building doesn’t always follow the same steps, and this Search Engine Watch article by Ken McGaffin offers readers a new method: broken link building. This white hat technique can bring thousands of link opportunities.

“There’s a constant supply of broken links – links get broken en masse every day – largely by human error so there’s no shortage of opportunity. It’s a fact of life on the web, and a great resource for link builders.” Ken McGaffin

How to Train a Link Builder From Scratch

Explaining link building to someone who doesn’t do it can be confusing, and training someone to do it can be even more so. However, this article from Julie Joyce on Search Engine Watch simplifies the process and makes it easier than ever to train your link building staff.

Link Building A-Z Guide – Definitions & Terms

This Search Engine Watch article, written by Julie Joyce, gives some insight to link building newbies, and even some seasoned veterans. This is a dictionary of important link building terms, nice to have on hand in the fast-paced internet marketing industry.