17 Nov 2009

This One Time, at WordCamp…

November 17, 2009Internet Marketing

RalphPhoenixWordcamptshirtAs a supporter of the open source initiative and GPL, I was happy to get to attend Phoenix WordCamp 2009! If you’re not sure what WordCamp is all about, just imagine 500 nerds getting together under a giant white tent, having conversations, collaborating, and spreading their love for WordPress.  If that’s not a clear enough picture, read more about what WordCamp is.

So, I admit, until this year, I was a WordCamp virgin. But no more! I learned a lot and met some great people at WordCamp, including a computer guru, a phoenix website designer, and JDog, the dating coach. If you missed the event, don’t worry, you can watch the WordCamp video on GoDaddy starting Nov 18, 2009.

Here are some of the things I took away from my experience at Phoenix WordCamp 2009:

From Lorelle on WordPress – Blog Content and Writing

  • #1 Rule – There are no rules
  • Don’t work for your blog; make your blog your bitch (yes, she really said that)
  • Headings pull readers
  • Don’t copycat
  • Many people say “Write what you know” – Lorelle doesn’t agree with that
  • Learn how to talk
  • Blog for you, then for like minded people
  • Publish content with intent

From Merlin Mann on Social Media

  • Decide what you can’t / won’t do – set priorities
  • Make people feel awesome
  • Don’t pretend
  • Respect people
  • Manage expectations
  • Figure out who you are
  • Be you without apology
  • Know what you have to say and say it
  • Talk about things that interest people
  • Be yourself

Poignant quotes from Merlin Mann:

“How much are you going to pretend to pay attention to people?

“Social media is a lot of people who aren’t you, telling you what they think about you.”

“People sweat brand management when they don’t know who they are.”

Web 3.0 is going to be a filter for Web 2.0. Do you want to be the noise or the filter?

Matt Mullenweg Rountable

Matt’s awesome! He took a lot of questions. Two things I took away from his answers are: “The biggest opportunities on WordPress are in education, not more features,” and “The greatest innovation in the next few years is Geo location.” Hence, WordPress has a new geotagging feature.

Dave Moyer on Multimedia

 Jim Christian on Search Engine Optimization

Jason Cote on WordPress for Business

  • Branding is You!
  • Engage your community
  • Publishing content is only half your job – building relationships is the other half
  • Look for problems in your community and provide solutions
  • Crowd sourcing – leverage the talents of others to be successful
  • Build your business around your heart

John Hawkins on Building a WordPress Plugin

Everything you need to know about building a WordPress Plugin.

Clintus on Video Blogging and Video Marketing

Just take a look at his blog to see how it’s done. All you need is a NokiaN95 and Adobe Premier if you’re a PC, or Final Cut Pro if you’re a Mac.  Use video hosting sites like Vimeo for hosting and embed on your blog.

Were you at Phoenix WordCamp 2009? Did you watch the video? Leave your take away moment in a comment below!



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