29 Oct 2012

Imagine If There Was No Spam [VIDEO]

Arnie Kuenn Imagine if there was no spam
The Peace Loving Arnie Kuenn shares his Halloween thoughts on what a groovy time we would have if we lived on a spam free Mother Earth.

What else would YOU wish for this Halloween day?


  • Sarah Schager Oct 31, 2012

    Arnie’s best post ever!! 😉

  • David Wallace Oct 31, 2012

    Hair looks good! Maybe after today, hair would be an impossibility but you should grow a mustache!

  • Roy Reyer Oct 31, 2012

    You forgot your bong dude!

    Loving your videos, see you at Woodstock 2013 Arnie!

  • Arnie Kuenn Oct 31, 2012

    David – might try facial hair some day :-)

    Roy – I have no idea what you are referring to!