18 Jul 2012

How Do We Stay Up to Date on the Latest Internet Marketing? [VIDEO]

Q & A Video

Ben Holland answers: “How Do We Stay Up To Date On The Latest Internet Marketing?”

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Hi, I’m Ben Holland, I’m an Internet marketing specialist here at Vertical Measures and today I’m going to answer a question we get a lot around here: “How do we stay up do date with the latest in the Internet marketing.”

Now there is a lot of resources out there. You can go to conferences or you can read books. Today, I’m going to focus on Internet-based resources that you can do every day while sitting in your chair. Today, I’ll talk about Twitter, Facebook, blogs and utilizing blogs as RSS feeds. First I will touch upon blogs and RSS feeds. There are a lot of great Internet marketing blogs out there. So I think it’s important you take a wide breadth of types of blogs you read as opposed to just the SEO blogs like an SEOmoz but also find out how people are designing sites now and developing them with blogs like CSS Tricks and WP Tuts. That way you get a really good idea of how developers are making those sites and how you can truly take what they use and market it properly to the different channels you’re aware of.

So, I recommend following 30 to 50 blogs every day, you can use this by RSS feeds. One of my favorite RSS feed readers is iGoogle. I come in every morning take about a  half-hour to an hour and read it like my morning newspaper, maybe have a cup of coffee with it. You can see the latest post from all of your favorite blogs. Some other really great RSS feed readers out there are Google Reader. Both iGoogle and Google Reader work online. Feedly is a web- and devise-based thing, so works with your Android and iOS device as well as Footboard is specifically for hand held devices, that’s a great new RSS reader out there. It’s like a newspaper, it’s really clean, slick, I like it a lot and Zite is also a great handheld RSS feed reader.

Some of the recommended blogs I think everybody should be following and checking everyday are on the Google Blog. They tell you what’s going on with the latest updates and Penguin and Panda and all the other Google news. SEOmoz is one of my favorite blogs out there. I really enjoy their whiteboard Fridays. So I recommend everybody go and view that and read their articles, along with Search Engine Watch and SEO Takeaways.

Some of the design blogs, you may be interested in reading and so you can see how people are designing sites nowadays or Think Vitamin, A List Apart, Top Design Mag, One Extra Pixel, CSS Tricks and Codrops.

And then you also want to stay up to date in the latest technology and techniques in the industries. So things like Lifehacker, Slashdot, Techcrunch, Engadget, Boy Genius Report, Gizmodo and Site Trail give you a lot of really good information on what’s going on in the industry and the newest devices out there that you may need to optimize your website for.

Utilizing social media is also a great way to stay up to date with the latest information. I recommend you follow and “Like” pages and people that are in the industry that throw out a lot of great content everyday. People like Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts and our own Arnie Kuenn.

Facebook pages that you may want to read are Search Engine Land, Distilled, SEOmoz and Marketing Land.

So in summary, I recommend to stay up-to-date in all of the latest Internet marketing news. You utilize blogs, RSS feeds, so you can just go on and see all of the titles right-away in one quick glance instead of going to each page. Follow the industry leaders on Facebook and Twitter. Go to as many conferences you can and always read books. Thank you and have a great day.