11 Jan 2010

Tony Mandarich Makes Search Predictions for 2010


Tony Mandarich is more than just a successful college and NFL football star, he’s also built a successful Internet Marketing business and is an expert in the field. Over at Mandarich, LLC he provides complete Internet solutions for his clients with search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, videography, and more! At Mandarich, LLC clients receive unique, memorable and effective products.
Tony has built his successful Internet Marketing firm with the help of his wife Char. Over the past five years he and his wife have expanded their business from Mandarich Photography to a full service Internet Marketing firm with a location in North Scottsdale, AZ. We’re pleased to have Tony join us in our video series, as his advice and predictions in the industry are well regarded.

In the video below Arnie asks Tony: 
1.) What are your predictions for the internet marketing industry in general for the year ahead? 
2.) How about specifically paid search, where do you see that headed? 
3.) What one critical issue should those in the internet marketing space be concerned about or focused on in 2010?
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Tony states that the most important thing in SEO success hinges on the fundamentals. Besides onsite SEO and relevant links mentioned in the video, what are the additional fundamentals to SEO?