07 Jan 2010

David Wallace Makes Search Predictions for 2010


As the CEO of SearchRank, David Wallace has been an integral partner in developing successful marketing campaigns for his large and small business clients for well over a decade. David is a recognized expert in both search engine marketing and social media marketing. His company provides not only Internet marketing services, but also operates several portal web sites and topical blogs of their own.
In addition to his responsibilities at SearchRank, David is also a moderator at Search Engine Watch and High Rankings, popular search marketing forums. His expertise in the search engine marketing industry has led him to speaking engagements at Search Engine Strategies conferences, Pubcon and Search Engine Watch Live forum conferences. His predictions for the search industry in 2010 should help shed some light on what to expect in the coming year.
In the video below Arnie asks David: 
1.) What are your predictions for the search industry in general for the year ahead? 
2.) How about specifically reputation management, where do you see that headed? 
3.) What one critical issue should those in the SEO space be concerned about or focused on in 2010?


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