Digital Summit Charlotte Bundle


Digital Summit Charlotte Bundle: Your Complete Digital Marketing Start-up Kit

Thank you for attending our pre-conference workshop at Digital Summit Charlotte! We hope you enjoyed yourself and are ready to get started on your content marketing strategy. To help with that, we want to provide you with all of the resources we mentioned in our workshop session. Listed below are the eBooks, templates, videos, workbook and book we mentioned throughout the slides.

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  • How to Conquer the Customer Journey Workbook – Check out our brand new Workshop Workbook and get prepared for the challenges of digital marketing.
  • Shana’s Half Day Presentation – Want to go back and check out the slides from her half-day workshop? Fill out the form and download it now.
  • Content Marketing Strategy Template & Checklist – Need to know how to create a content strategy? Download this template and checklist to help you plan all your content marketing efforts.
  • Editorial Content Calendar – We’ve created a content calendar template to help get you started in your planning. Get it for yourself today.
  • The Future Of SEO Trends In 2018 & Beyond – Download this free guide to explore what we predict for the SEO industry and how to best position yourself for success in the upcoming years.
  • SEO 101 Tutorial Videos – Here are 6 SEO tutorial videos from our SEO 101 training series on improving your search engine ranking through proper onsite SEO tips and techniques.
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Content Promotion – Smart content marketing goes well beyond pressing “Publish.” Download this eBook to learn how to create content promotion strategies.
  • Content Marketing Works – Content Marketing Works is a robust look at the process of creating, implementing and measuring a successful content marketing program.

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