03 May 2012

The Top Reasons to Attend Conversion Conference Chicago 2012 [VIDEO]

Tim Ash Conversion Con Interview with Arnie Kuenn
Arnie Kuenn interviews Tim Ash, Founder and President of Site Tuners!

Conversion Conference is a worldwide event series focused exclusively on winning techniques for increasing website conversion rates and making your digital marketing campaigns more effective.


Arnie Kuenn: Hi everyone I’m Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures in Phoenix, AZ and today our guest is Tim Ash, Founder and President of Site Tuners. Welcome Tim.

Tim Ash: Yeah, thanks so much.

Arnie: So I just wanted to quickly start off and maybe have you give us a short background about yourself and Site Tuners and then we’ll get on to talking about Conversion Conference.

Tim: You bet. Many years ago I started an interactive agency that was focused just on improving the efficiency of websites and landing pages. And over the years we’ve grown and worked with over a thousand clients worldwide, including some of the biggest companies on the planet. But we also work with small companies. But we have one mission, that is to improve conversion on your landing page or your website.

Arnie: Great, alright. Well and as I mentioned we’re here to talk about Conversion Conference in Chicago particularly, which is coming up June 25 and 26. So tell us a little bit about why you started the Conversion Conference and what it’s all about.

Tim: Well you know, I was actually shocked by this big oversight on the part of conferences that are already out there. Everybody seems to be focusing on essentially driving traffic and it comes in a lot of flavors, affiliate, pay per click, search engine optimization, social media. But all of it is just to get people to your front door. And what people were ignoring was what happens when you actually get there. And there was usually my session or someone else’s session at a full conference. But nobody was focusing on conversion. There are so many aspects to it like usability, copyrighting, psychology, visual design. All of that rolled together, plus of course testing and analytics. And that was being ignored. So I said, we need a home for this. And so we formed this international conference series.

Arnie: Awesome. So as I mentioned it’s coming up June 25 and 26 in Chicago. So what would you say are some of the top reasons that people should consider attending the conference?

Tim: Well I’d say the number one is fantastic content. You know because you’ve contributed to it in the past and been a speaker. But every conference has a different DNA. We really focus on high quality practitioners that know what they’re doing, what they’re talking about. They’re also effective presenters. So you’re definitely going to get actionable takeaways from the conference here. Your head will be spinning and you’ll have lots and lots of notes. Only question will be what you can get to first when you get back to the office.

Arnie: Super. Alright, and anything else you might want to say about the conference before I give you a chance to talk about your latest edition of your book?

Tim: Sure. Well the conference is really also a chance to meet your peers. It’s our first one that we’re doing the Midwest so we’re hoping to get a fantastic turnout. Right now it’s on track to match our record breaking show that we had recently in San Francisco, on the west coast. So you’ll get to see the birth of a new industry. You’ll get to network with your peers. And the speakers are all very accessible too. We have round table lunches on both days where you can actually sit with your favorite speakers and get to pick their brain during lunch. So you get education and definitely some personal relationships and connections.

Arnie: Yup. Well and as you mentioned I have been a part of it and it’s great conference and I do recommend anyone who’s watching this video to make an attempt to be there. So anyway, I guess the new version of your book is out. I actually, I don’t think I’ve seen it yet. Is it available, or… ?

Tim: Yes it’s available and there’s what it looks like. The old one was orange and the new one is blue with a little orange on the bottom.

Arnie: Awesome.

Tim: This is the second edition. Our co-authors on this are Rich Page and Maura Ginty, did a fantastic job putting it together. It’s completely revamped and reorganized. It’s expanded to about another 100 pages. So it’s not beach reading, but it’s a fantastic guide book for anybody doing landing page optimization. The first edition did very well. I think it sold over 30,000 copies and been translated into six languages. I’ve been very gratified by that. This is definitely a reboot and what we’ve learned in the last four years since the first one came out.

Arnie: Excellent. Well I did read the first one and it was really good, and I’m looking forward to this one. So, well listen I ….

Tim: Oh, and speaking of Conversion Conference, we have a coupon in the back of the book. Well there’s Google ad words coupons. But also in the back of the book there’s $100 off at Conversion Conference. You want to save some money, get the book, go to the conference.

Arnie: And obviously it’s available on Amazon I’m sure, right?

Tim: It’s available on Amazon and Kindle immediately.

Arnie: Yup, yup, super. Alrighty, well that’s all the time we have and I want to thank you for taking the time to tell us about the conference, and I’ll see you in Chicago in June.

Tim: And if you miss Chicago you can always come to Florida or probably Las Vegas later on.

Arnie: Yup. And when’s Florida? Is that in the fall, right?

Tim: Yeah, Florida’s in October. Las Vegas or San Francisco, mostly likely Las Vegas will be in the spring, March time frame. And for our European practitioners of conversion rate optimization we also have London and Dusseldorf this fall.

Arnie: Super, alrighty. Well thanks very much Tim, we’ll see you soon.

Tim: It’s been my pleasure, Arnie.