19 Nov 2013

Ecommerce Content: 3 Expert Opinions

Three Experts talk about ecommerce content

Optimizing an Ecommerce site is a difficult task. With so many products and pages it can be hard to create a scalable plan that is effective for everything you have. In last month’s Google Hangout, Arnie Kuenn interviewed three experts in Ecommerce strategy. While their approaches are different, they all point to creating useful and relevant content as the way to thrive and capture more sales.

The Power of Personas

Sam Mallikarjunan discusses the importance of creating personas to help you target content to your users. Tying this into a content strategy with continual content creation is what he recommends. He coins the term “Blogging is like Jogging,” the analogy meaning that you have to continually do it and keep at it, knowing that the results will take time.



The Product Page Evolution

Linda Bustos describes the evolution of product pages. Evolving from a single picture and short description to videos and the incorporation of social media, product pages are taking a life of their own. It is important to build trust with the user, ensuring their confidence in making a buying decision from your site.


Customer Centric Product Pages

Research is conducted in almost every purchasing decision. To help a consumer choose what and where to buy something, create as much content on your product pages possible to aid in their decision making process. The goal is to make your product page present the product as a sales person would to someone in your store.


Creating Content for Ecommerce

Steve Sheinkopf talks about how his company Yale Appliance leverages email marketing and free guides to push people through the sales funnel. He breaks his products into categories and creates category-centric content that helps with the buying decision. Then using an automated email drip system, he continually reaches out to clients wherever they are in the decision making process.


Sam’s Summarization of Strategy

He expresses the need for measurement. By measuring your conversions and engagement metrics you can fine tune your site and product pages to gain more sales. Another factor that can aid in sales is owning the decision making process, allowing users to leverage your site’s content to help them choose what to buy.