06 Jun 2011

Content Link Building – Are You a Boring Publisher?

Content Link Building - Are You a Boring Publisher

Once you post a website, you are a publisher (whether you really wanted to be a publisher or not.)

That statement is not news to those of us living and operating in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and online marketing world, but it is becoming more and more known throughout the three-dimensional business world. The question is, are you a boring publisher? Are you publishing web content with self-serving, lackluster and outdated copy, photos, videos and  graphics that even your own mother doesn’t care about?

Or are you constantly updating and freshening up your website with interesting and engaging new pages, new photos, new videos, new slide shows, new information and new blog posts?

Here is a publishing test:

Let’s say you sell bottled water from the deepest source on the planet, so clear and pure that you don’t even have to filter it. Which of the following two choices do you think is better?

  1. A two-year-old photo of your “new packaging label” being held up by your top salesman?  OR
  2. A YouTube video of the spring head itself with its lining of quartz crystals at sunset, with no sound other than the birds as they call out their last songs before they roost for the night?

Take a minute, now… which one would you rather see or engage with?  Which one would make you feel better about the purity of your product itself?

If you answered #1,  I suggest you hire a CCO, Chief Content Officer, immediately as you’ve got some things to learn when it comes to an effective internet publishing. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone AND you’ve come to the right place.

In this new industry known as SEO, we call all the stuff on your website “content.”  And your content determines whether or not people want to engage with you – read your pages, look at your videos, spend time on your site, fill out a web form – or stop clicking and call you on the phone. (NOTE:  If a visitor to your website takes some sort of action while there, it’s called a “conversion.”  Conversions are the ultimate goal, but that’s a whole other blog.)

This blog is about Content Link Building. Good website content can be used to build more links to your website.

What are links and why would you want to build them, you ask? Thanks for asking, because a lot of people still don’t really know what that means.

Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines use a variety of factors (mathematical algorithms) to “rank” websites – or mathematically decide which ones come up on the first page of a search. And one of the factors they use in deciding “how high” your website should rank is the number of links you have from a variety of other websites (the more influential, the better.)  The thinking is, that if a lot of other good websites have links to your website, they are “endorsing” you and you should be placed high on the search engine ranking pages (SERPs.)

And keep in mind that when it comes to “influential” links factored for by Google, Yahoo and Bing, links from .gov sites, .edu sites and .org sites tend to give you more “link juice” (another buzzword SEOs use meaning more importance or better rankings) than links from .com or .net sites. But all links are good, and you should strive to have a variety of links to your website.

Links are those things you click that take you around to other websites in cyberspace. And did you know that you can ask other websites to post links to your website on their website? Well, you can. You can ask other relevant websites to link to your website because your content is good. That is the crux of Content Link Building.

So knowing that you are now a website publisher seeking to create great new content that relates to your business that other websites will want to link to, try to brainstorm ways to get government sites, university sites or organization sites interested in you by developing special content “just for them.”


You are still selling pure bottled water from the deepest source on the planet. You could:

  1. Offer a special technical paper about geological water resources, or mineral content’s effect on health, or an infographic of the depth of major water springs ranked by country. OR
  2. Offer a special discount case price or free shipping only available to scientists or government authorities in environmental sciences, or organization members involved in environmental protection.

A special landing page just for these groups can be created along with special content just for them.

But don’t leave out creating great content that everyone else will be interested in linking to, also.

In order to be a good publisher with good content, you have to think like a publisher. It all starts with relevant content that you can leverage in many different ways – not the least of which is building links.

Do you have a good vs. bad content story to share? Join the conversation in the comments below!