25 Jul 2012

Why is Incorporating Google Maps Into Your Contact Us or About Me Page So Important For Your SEO? [VIDEO]

Q & A Video

Brynna Bauldauf answers: “Why is Incorporating Google Maps Into Your Contact Us or About Me Page So Important For Your SEO?”

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Hi, my name is Brynna, and today our question is: Why is incorporating
Google Maps into your contact us or about me page so important for your

Well first, what is Google Maps? Google Maps is an integration into your
search that is fed from information on websites. Anytime you put
information on your website about where you are and the area that you’re a
part of, it’s fed into Google Maps. It takes the actual brick and mortar
locations of businesses and puts it in an easy to look at map layout. It
also has reviews, photos, and business information outside of what you
would normally find on a map. So it has user reviews, from not only Zagat,
but also customer reviews it draws from things like Yelp and Urban Spoon.

So what’s new with Google Maps? Google Maps is transitioning all of its old
business listings into something called Google+ Local
. It’s integrating
Google+ and the map information, where it used to be just business listings
and Google Maps. So it’s putting them together, forcing you to use Google+
and Google Maps at the same time.

So why is this important? Google is changing the way that it’s returning
your search results. So up above the regular search results, you’re going
to see the map with the regular pins like you would see if you search in
Google Maps, and then it’s going to show the paid website results. But
underneath that it’s actually going to show the Google+ Local business
listings instead of returning the regular website
s. So it’s important
because you want to have your page optimized to embed the information and,
hence, returning the Google+ Local business page before actually returning
a website so you can rank as high as you can in that where it actually

So what does embedding your map information actually allow you to do? The
first is that when people go to your contact us or about me page, they’ll
actually be seeing a map and be seeing where you’re located. This makes
them believe that you’re actually a more viable business and you’re not
just a spammer out there to take their money. The second this is that when
you optimize your contact us and about me page with a map, you’re actually
telling Google that there’s other stuff on your website that’s important
for them to index. So they’re going to be pulling local clues from your
as well as just the map. And the last and most important thing is
that when you’re returning search results, if you have all of the map
information actually put into your contact us and about me page, it’s more
likely that you’ll rank well in the Google+ Local business listings rather
than just in the website listings.

And that’s all. Thank you.


  • Jesse Fogarty Jul 25, 2012

    Hey Brynna thanks for the great post! Can’t believe I’ve been over looking Google maps

  • A.Baqi Jul 28, 2012

    Really Google Maps is a very beneficial service that you view in your web browser. Depending on your location, you can view basic or custom maps and local business information, including business locations, contact information, and driving directions. Just click and drag maps to view adjacent sections immediately. View satellite images of your desired location that you can zoom and pan.