19 Sep 2012

How Can I Get Ready for 2013 New Year’s Promotions Today? [VIDEO]

September 19, 2012Content Strategy

Q & A Video

Kaila Strong answers: “How Can I Get Ready for 2013 New Year’s Promotions Today?”

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Hi. Today’s question is, “How can I get ready for 2013 New Year’s promotions?” As many of you might know, in the health and beauty industry, a boost of traffic comes after the first of the year. This is often because users have reinvigorated personal goals, or have set New Year’s resolutions, and a lot of them cater to the health and beauty industry. So, what can you do to get ready for that boost in traffic, come January 1st?

Well, one of the first things to do is start with research. I often will start with setting baselines using Google Analytics or whatever analytics program you have to start analyzing the traffic during that boost of time from last year. Then, use this information to set goals and allow yourself to see what type of potential you want to have with this particular campaign, and let that dictate your strategy for the coming

Additionally, the next steps would be to develop a proper strategy. So, part of doing a proper strategy is not only looking at the research, but then identifying some of those core traffic channels that are going to help you during the New Year. So, you might look at direct traffic, referral traffic sources, how your paid SEO campaigns worked, and how your organic traffic did as well.

Then look at some new channels. Maybe you didn’t get a lot of traffic last year from Pinterest, but in Q2, Q3 you started to get a lot of traffic. That might be a source that you’ll want to look at for some of your 2013 New Year’s promotions.

Additionally, try to find where your audience is today. They might be on the new social channels like Pinterest. Or maybe there’s a new forum out there. Or there’s a new blog that might be driving some traffic that you’ll want to get a guest post on or do some promotions around. So, look for some of those new channels.

Next is brainstorm and start thinking about implementation, ask some of your employees and maybe even your customers to see what types of promotions they’re going to want to see after the first of the year.

Next you’ll do some prep work. Here, at Vertical Measures, we often will do a social media bank of social media messages. So you might have some canned messages for Facebook right after the first of the year. Maybe some token messages or tweets that you can start preparing and having your staff do right now.

Additionally you can develop evergreen content that is often going to be easily implementable right after the first of the year. But use the time right now, in the down time right now, just to get that prepared.

Next would be, align your resources, making sure that your team is available and ready for the implementation of this strategy. Then look to integrate your keyword and SEO focus over the course of the next couple months. In a post-Panda world, it’s definitely important to start now and to slowly work towards achieving those goals with those competitive keywords after the first of the year.