27 Jun 2011

Why Guest Blogging Is Great for Content Marketing and Brand Awareness

If you want to get your website noticed and create brand awareness for your specific product or particular service, then you should implement guest blogging into your strategic plan. Web content development and content marketing start with noteworthy content that is placed on high-ranking websites in order to build links back to your company’s domain and get noticed by those with interest in your industry.

Your brand will be more likely to stand out these days if you can provide great, notable content that drives people and search engines to your company’s website. Offering to guest blog on a quality site is an excellent way to build brand awareness through content marketing. Basically, your content is being shown to a new, wider audience that you may not have been able to reach without the guest post. In turn, this audience can now learn more about your product or service, and subsequently, boost traffic to your page, which can offer you better search engine positioning, and ultimately, an increase in sales.

Writing the Content

The first step in this easy process of guest blogging is to find a reputable website that allows guest blogging and that also has some authority. Setting up your content on a site that is already considered to have some sort of page or domain authority with search engines will guarantee a strong foundation for your brand. Once you find a website that will take on your post, the next step is to write the content. The content that is created should effectively and efficiently describe your products and services while also directing the reader to your website. The key is to portray this in the article without the added pitch.

Search engines and people alike will be more prone to read your guest blog post and give value to your site if they feel like they can relate to what you are selling. A well-written article that truly encapsulates your company’s ideas is more likely to make a relevant statement and leave a lasting impression. Creating a piece of content that gives a different spin on a usual subject, or one that adds new information to a familiar topic, is more likely to stand out and get distributed across social media platforms. This unique article will also include anchor text that will build a great backlink to your website, while also being relevant to your company’s specific audience.

Finding the Right Market

It’s always essential to have meaningful content on your own website, but it’s an added bonus when you can market your content that is distributed on a high authority website. A successful guest blog post can show the value of your company and brand while also allowing you to form a relationship with that website. Creating this rapport will provide your company with a website that can be used for future guest blogging opportunities.

Location, location, location still applies even when it comes to internet marketing. It’s not just about what your guest post says but also where it is placed. You can have one of the best products in the world or create a remarkable service, but if no one hears about it then it might as well not exist. Certain sites won’t add any value to your company and may even be detrimental to your brand awareness. This is why it is imperative that you market your content to a highly regarded website that won’t disseminate your unique article across the web. Beware of duplicate content and stick to writing one-of-a-kind pieces that are created for the sole purpose of being on one reputable website.

The benefit that you get from guest blogging is that your company will be participating in the type of content marketing that is meant to build brand awareness. The valuable guest post will be complete with anchor text that will create back links to your site, which will help drive traffic to your website while also showcasing your product or service to a larger audience.


  • Gehad Ellaboudy Jun 28, 2011

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  • becca park Jul 21, 2011

    Original Content is Key! I don’t disagree it’s nice if you can find a blog site in the same market, always a plus!

  • Mohi Shafee Apr 02, 2014

    Thanks for your great post.

    The guest blogging is exactly for branding and exposures. If we do it properly, there won’t be any obstacle in our way.