11 Jul 2011

Share Your Expertise Here on Our Blog

Guest Blog for Vertical Measures

As we have preached many times before here on the Vertical Measures blog, providing guest blog posts on topics related to your industry provides a fantastic opportunity to seasoned bloggers with a number of great benefits.  If this task is one that you have long had on your to-do list and by working in the online marketing field, you have developed your chops; we have got the perfect opportunity for you!

Guest Posting Offers Many Benefits to a Blogger:

  • Position yourself as an authority on the topic
  • Share unique insights and be a thought leader
  • Connect with a new audience
  • Build links with specific anchor text to your blog from your author bio
  • Grow your personal brand

Vertical Measures is looking for new writers who are interested in creating thought-provoking blog posts between 500 and 1,000 words in length on topics such as social media marketing, internet marketing analytics and tracking, content marketing, blogging and search engine optimization.  We are constantly looking to provide useful information for internet marketers including how-to articles, editorial pieces on somewhat controversial internet marketing topics, and news related articles. This blog aims to be the go-to source for our industry and if you feel that your voice should be heard within it and that you have got something fantastic in the field to offer, please email press{at}verticalmeasures.com and share your blog post idea and some samples of your work.  We are excited to continue to improve the editorial quality and expertise of this blog for our more than 1,600 subscribers and welcome your assistance.

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  • Jonny Ross Jul 18, 2011


    this is a great idea, and I am in the middle of putting a post together for you to consider. Is there a deadline?