12 Dec 2007

Link for Traffic – Not for Rankings

Google wants it.  Eric Ward promotes it.  You should do it.  Link to get traffic not search engine rankings.  In fact, the people best able to withstand major changes and shifts in the search engines that affect their rankings are the people who have a broad, multi-faceted link building campaign.

In order to weather any drops from single-sources of traffic to your site, you must have a lot of irons in the fire (links). People you have targeted as your best prospects should be able to find your site virtually everywhere they surf.

Web site owners who rely solely on search engine ranking are leaving 90% of the marketing pie on the plate! For long-term stability and steady, predictable traffic, you simply must broaden your reach and utilize a host of different publicity tactics in order to keep sales up.

A lot of people miss the boat on this one.  Most people focus on the quantity of links pointing to their site. (Solely for search engines to find)  The problem is all they have at the end of the day is a link pointing to their site.

Placing links on sites with little to no traffic results in no traffic produced for your site. The webmasters who focus totally on getting links as a tool to increase their pagerank in Google are missing the point entirely.   Getting ranked well in the search engines should be considered a by-product of a properly executed link building campaign.

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  • Web designer May 29, 2008

    Some interesting points you raise here.
    This is exactly why i believe that directories are very good traffic sources, even if little weighing given on the actual links. (from a SE point of view)

  • Xocai Jun 12, 2008

    But how many people actually browse directories for websites to visit?

    But that is a very good point — when you talk about things like forum signature links, some people say its a waste, because the links arent worth very much. But you can still get a lot of traffic. A friend of mine who has a pretty decent site gets a large percentage of his traffic from forum signature links.