18 Dec 2012

How to Write Better Blog Posts: Success Stories from Our Blog in 2012

How To Write Better Blog Posts: Success Stories From Our Blog in 2012

There are many factors that go into crafting a successful blog post. From keyword research to the promotion plan, every step counts. We’ve had a successful year of content creation and promotion here at Vertical Measures, and we’d like to show you some examples of successful blog posts and why they were successful.  We’ve seen a lot of how to posts on this subject, and we think it’s time to give the people what they want: solid examples.

How to Get Back on Track After the Panda Update

How To Write Better Blog Posts: Success Stories From Our Blog in 2012

This post brought in the most traffic, and with good reason. It was perfectly timed and released right after the Panda update happened, and was well optimized to draw in everyone doing research on this algorithm change. Director of Client Services, Mike Huber, published this post in an easy to read how-to format and included excellent illustrations.

What “Draw Something” Teaches Us About Website Optimization

Coming in at a close second for the most traffic in 2012, this was one of the most creative posts we saw this year. Published in the midst of the Draw Something buzz by our Director of Creative Services David Gould, it caught not only the eye of online marketers but also those searching for keywords correlating with the popular word game. Ingenious and an interesting piece to share, it’s easy to see why this post performed well.

How to Optimize Your Business Google Plus Profile

In third place for bringing in the most traffic this year, this was another perfectly timed post. Earlier this year Google Plus was introduced, hyped up in the media, and businesses owners panicked at the thought of yet another social network they were supposed to be on. Social Media Strategist Sarah Schager came to the rescue with this well-optimized post, which included how-to steps, coding details and overall solid executable advice.

What Facebook Interest Lists Mean for Your Business Page

If you write it, they will come. Write a helpful how-to post about a new Facebook feature and promote it on Facebook, and voila…success! We’ve never seen so much traffic to our blog from Facebook, which covered interest lists just after they were introduced. Written by Project Manager Ardala Evans, this post was detailed and shared by many.

5 Link Building Tactics That No Longer Work

It’s been a year of many updates and our industry always looks to Twitter to keep us in the know. So it’s no surprise that the post that brought in the most traffic from Twitter would be a post written about one of the most sought after Internet marketing tactics: link building. Brought to you by our lead link builder, Michael Schwartz, this post offered straightforward advice in a time of chaos for the link building community.

Every Child Deserves a Christmas Morning Explodes!

How To Write Better Blog Posts: Success Stories From Our Blog in 2012Last but certainly not least, a post that has drawn in an incredible amount of traffic in just the month of December alone is this newsworthy read by President Arnie Kuenn. Overwhelmed and grateful that one of our Facebook posts went viral with over 56,000 shares, this post was written on the spot. The goal of this post was to draw in more donations for the Toys for Tots campaign, and that it did. We inspired four more companies in our industry to donate, and raised over $5,000.

It’s easy to see that a few of the common denominators in all of these posts are relevancy, optimization and promotion strategies.  Of course we should never discount the value of a well-written post, what the author’s overall influence is, where the blog posts home site is, who the readers are, and many other factors that play a role in just how successful a blog post will be.

What was your most successful post of 2012?


  • Rick Noel Dec 18, 2012

    Nice round up post for Internet marketers Sarah. Lots of useful posts to promote a business online though blogging and optimization of social media approaches. I especially liked the posts on how to optimize your Google+ profile and what Facebook interests mean to your business. Enjoy the holiday season and thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah Schager Dec 18, 2012

    Thanks Rick, happy holidays to you as well!