18 Apr 2012

How Can You Use Content Marketing to Generate Leads? [VIDEO]

Q & A Video

Kaila Strong answers: How can you use content marketing to generate leads?”

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Today’s question is: “How can you use content marketing to generate leads?”

There are several ways you can use content to bring in leads to your site. A free guide for example, or some kind of case study, could be used to bring in leads. You can drive traffic to a gate page that would have a user fill out their information. You know, as little information as possible because you actually want them to fill it out. Then that lead capture form is going to generate either an email or information back to them, showing them that free guide. So not only are you driving traffic to your website, you’re keeping them there, you’re engaging them. You’re giving them a free piece of content and you’re getting their email address — their information — maybe a phone number, or whatever information is going to help you.

Content can draw in traffic with the right call to action and can improve lead count with conversions as well. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be a content piece that immediately has that call to action on it. It can be something that draws the user to another lead form page that you’re still using that content piece to drive leads — it’s just in a more indirect way.

Content can also help sell throughout the buying cycle. So if a user, if a prospect is very close to making that sale or that purchase, remarketing a piece of content, adding that person to a distribution list and providing them with content that is better served later on down the line on their buying cycle, can also help increase conversions by utilizing that content.


  • Rob Start Apr 18, 2012

    Also consider using a survey with different pages, to engage your visitor. Make them click happy and your half way there

  • Vasko Apr 20, 2012

    Very useful video.
    Thanks for sharing Kalia!

  • Kaila Strong Apr 20, 2012

    You’re welcome, glad to help! :)