16 Apr 2013

Content Marketing Tips From Our Team To Yours


The number of searches for the term “content marketing” has increased dramatically in the past 3 years. As quality content becomes more and more pertinent in the online marketing industry, businesses have realized they need to learn more and become better at it. With this ever-changing industry, it is a necessity to stay on top of the latest strategies. Many of us will turn to Google as a resource and type in something such “content marketing tips,” searching for information to teach us more about this tactic. That may even be how you arrived at this post. So in lieu of a typical blog post today that lists the same facts and stats you’ve already noted, we are going to to allow you to access information that you would only find if you had the opportunity to pick the brains of people who eat, sleep and breathe content marketing. In fact, Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute recently referred to our team as one of the only agencies who have successfully been able to make the transition from an SEO agency to more of a content marketing agency. Today I take you on a tour around our office, and together we’ll gather to share our content marketing tips…

Arnie Kuenn, President and Founder:

content-marketing-tips-arnie“Remember why you are creating content – at all times! To me, that means creating content that people are actually searching for online. Your goal, with almost every piece of content you produce should be to provide relevant, valuable information to your customers without selling or interrupting them. Instead of describing your products or services, you should deliver information that makes your prospects more informed before they buy. If you deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to your prospects, they ultimately reward you with their business and continued loyalty.”

Erin Pritchard, Graphic Designer:

content-marketing-tips-erin“Designing an interesting and intriguing subject that will be shared by your audience is crucial to creating successful content. As a designer, the goal is to marry the imagery and content, making them work together to create an enticing yet legible infographic, video or any other piece of content.  A well-designed piece of content with a boring subject matter won’t be as successful, or vice versa. ”

Kaila Strong, Director of Account Development:

content-marketing-tips-kaila“As an analytical and data minded person, I’m a firm believer that your content marketing efforts should be data driven. Conducting market research, using public data, testing existing content performance or surveying customers are all ways in which you can use data to drive your content marketing efforts. Today, more than ever, websites have access to more data than they know what to do with. Properly using demographic and behavioral data can transform a content strategy.

I think this step is missed in a lot of campaigns, when brands are so anxious to get started they just throw content at the wall and wait to see what sticks. While this might work on a limited basis, true data analysis can drive content marketing to the next level. Often data analysis is the easy part, knowing what to do with it and how to create awesome content is the hard part. Start with data and use it to propel your efforts smartly and with purpose, so you can focus on developing the best ideas and execute for optimal success.”

Jonah Deaver, Account Manger:

content-marketing-tips-jonah“Be adaptable and dynamic when presenting your content. Even if you offer a singular product or service, it certainly does not mean presenting it the same manner. Hang your content on multiple frameworks (empathetic, informational, authoritative), allowing it to resonate with a diverse customer base. The more ways you can relieve pain points or identify situations or characteristic of your customers, the more effective your content will be.”

Brynna Baldauf, Internet Marketing Specialist:

content-marketing-tips-brynna“Always include images with any post you place. They don’t have to be fancy or perfect, but they attract attention and help readers stay engaged. It is also a selling point when guest posting if the blogger doesn’t have to go out and find an image. Also, do keyword research before you give your content a name. You’ll not only get more traffic, but it will grab a more targeted audience who will be more likely to engage with the post. Plus on the consumer end, don’t you love finding a blog post that actually fits your query?”

Ann Marie Jancovich, Content Marketing and Promotions Manager:

content-marketing-tips-annmarie“Commit to a content calendar and publish often and consistently. How often? There is no guaranteed formula and according to Google, you only need to keep it fresh and relevant to appease the search engine. Posting schedules will also vary based on the type of business or service you provide – whether it’s multiple times a day, daily or a couple of updates a week – just adhere to a schedule that keeps your audience coming back. And if you are temporarily tapped out of ideas, utilize content curation or consider repurposing material already on your site in the form of videos, infographics, blog posts, and free guides.”

Mike Huber, VP of Client Services:

content-marketing-tips-mike“It doesn’t have to be a long complicated piece.  Many webmasters think that every time they post content it needs to be an article that is well-researched and 1,200+ words long.  It doesn’t.  It could be a short post that is a response to some recent news in your niche or a simple very focused post that is only a few hundred words long.  Don’t concentrate all your efforts on in-depth content, rather focus on timely content that is focused in your niche and let the topic dictate the length. Also, just do it!  Many webmasters create content strategies but never put the action steps on their calendars.  Make sure you put writing content on your calendar.  If it doesn’t get on your calendar, it won’t get done.  There are too many other things that will suck up your time and you’ll never get around to writing your content.  Make it a standing time slot on your calendar and you’ll be amazed at how much content gets written.  Don’t put it on your calendar and you’ll be bemoaning the fact that you don’t have fresh content.”

Maggie Walsh, Content Marketing Specialist:

content-marketing-tips-maggie“When creating content, do your research! The goal is to provide your target audience with information they want, not necessarily what you want them to know. Look around to see what is already gaining attention online, and what people are talking about, and then create your content around those topics to increase the share ability and interaction from consumers.”

Ben Holland, Account Manager:

content-marketing-tips-ben“Do Keyword Research before you create your title. Often the title of the piece is what will show up in the SERP, it is important that your title is something people search for. Use Google Trends, The Adwords Keyword Tool or Google Insights to find high traffic terms to use in or as your title.”

Daniel Danenberg, Graphic Designer:

“As a designer representing a brand, I believe it iscontent-marketing-tips-dan important to do the following: First, stay on-top of current design trends by following design blogs and keeping your ear to the ground on changes or directional shifts. Second and lastly, keep your brand at heart when designing but apply your knowledge of these design trends to your company to maintain a fresh and ever evolving visual appeal to your content.”

David Gould, Director of Creative Services

content-marketing-tips-david“The best content is not necessarily the piece that’s the most imaginative, attractive or articulate – it’s the one that best fills the needs of the audience. Sometimes the most seemingly unremarkable content piece is brilliantly effective because it simply provides the most value to people. With every content piece, ask yourself “Is this what I’d want to read or watch if I were the audience?” If the focus of your content is trying to sell how awesome you are, the answer is most likely no. Show how awesome you are by creating something of real value for prospects and in turn become a brand they trust and engage with.”

We hope this collection of ideas can help ignite your content marketing strategy. If you’d like to reach out to any of our team members with questions, or simply ideas you’d like to bounce off of us, you can drop us a line in the comments.