03 Jan 2011

Building Authority Through Regular Guest Blogging

When it comes to business blogging, some companies tend to stick to content development solely for their own sites. But if you are looking to develop authority within your niche and industry, you should go beyond blogging for your own corporate blog. And you should go one step further than one-off guest blogging all over the place.

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Instead, consider guest blogging consistently for one site (or more) on a regular basis.

But What About SEO?

Now before I go there, I’m sure the first thing the SEO-focused audience is thinking is that it’s better to get links all over the place through guest posting all over the place, right? Of course, but that is if you are just thinking about the link building aspect. Guest blogging to build authority is more for traffic and leads than search optimization. So if that’s what you are looking for, then please continue.

Benefits of Becoming a Regular Contributor

So what are the benefits of becoming a regular contributor? If you start writing for a blog regularly (say once a month) on a multi-author authoritative site in your industry, then you essentially become a recognized part of a group of experts. If you get one guest post published on the site, someone who subscribes to it may see your name that one time, like your post, and that would be that. But if you are regularly featured on the blog, then your name is likely to stick in the minds of the subscribers.

How might this work to your advantage? Imagine if this subscriber has enjoyed your regular posts and, thus, has your name in mind. Now let’s assume they don’t go directly to your website from one of your posts. Instead, they search for a company who does what you do and has the standard ten results to choose from. Chances are, your company’s name will stand out and be the one they choose since you have demonstrated your expertise through regularly blogging on one of their favorite sites, even if it isn’t #1 in SERPs.

Strength of Multi-Author Blogs

Continuing to focus on multi-author blogs, another benefit is the overall strength of blogs with several authors. Generally, a blog with several authors is going to have the support of not just the blog owner, but everyone that writes for the blog and their audience. This means that if there are 10 experts writing for a site, you stand a shot at being exposed to each of their audiences regularly, as opposed to just the audience of one blogger, one time.

Social Connections and Sharing

Speaking of blog with several experts, another bonus of becoming a regular author is the potential for networking with other industry experts and leaders. Bloggers are typically community-friendly people and love to connect with fellow bloggers. If you’ve been having a hard time getting guest blogging gigs on other sites, then getting on a blog with several other writers in your industry may help.

Take a little time to create a Twitter list of the other authors and follow them closely – share their posts on their own site as well as the ones they do for the collaborative blog. They will eventually take notice and start doing the same for you. Then you can request to guest on their site as well as get recommendations from them for other sites you should try approaching.

How to Find and Secure Great Guest Blogging Opportunities

So how do you find these great guest blogging opportunities? My first suggestion for anyone looking to guest blog is to check out the community at My Blog Guest. They have a forum dedicated to blogs seeking bloggers, and bloggers seeking blogs. There is also a lot of valuable information in their blog, including a post on getting guest posts published on top blogs.

My second tip is to check out PostRank. PostRank has a great directory of blogs, as well as listings by topic of blogs with the most powerful social engagement. Generally, these are blogs that have multiple authors and contributors. For example, if you look at the most popular SEO blogs at least seven out of ten of them are ones that have multiple contributors and produce new content daily.

Great Content

Lastly, and this one is THE most important recommendation when seeking to join a collaborative blog with a group of experts.

You must have amazing content.

This means you need to write the best content you have ever written to use as your “audition” post when requesting a spot on the blog. Generally, your chance of going from a one-time guest to becoming a resident expert yourself is going to be dependent on how well your first blog post does on their site.

This means that you will want to really break out your best of everything for this first post between awesome content and superior blog post promotion. Focus on the networks whose social sharing widgets with counters the blog uses on their single post pages, which are typically Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or StumbleUpon. Also, be sure to drum up discussion by ending your guest post with a call to action, inviting readers to comment. Traffic, comments, and social shares for your post will be the “votes” you need to join the community!

Your Thoughts on Becoming a Regular Blog Contributor

Are you a contributor on a multi-author blogging site? Tell us your experience, from the benefits, drawbacks, and other tips you have for finding great opportunities in particular niches or industries.


  • Bunnygotblog Jan 03, 2011

    You know I never thought about this option. I really enjoy writing and my blog is at a stand still right now. I will bookmark this page.
    very helpful

    thank you

  • Joel Libava Jan 04, 2011


    Lots of posts have been written as of late about the merits of guest blogging.

    Yours is written as a “guest blogger.”

    You’re a smart cookie.

    The Franchise King®

  • Randy Pickard Jan 04, 2011

    Kristi – A challenges a new blogger faces is determining whether to post their best efforts to a popular blog or their own blog. Do they want to build the reputation of their own blog, or reach a wider audience by guest posting to a popular blog. While a prolific writer can do both, it can be a difficult choice for someone that only has time available to write one or two good articles a week. I am aware of a number of good writers that contribute regularly to multi author blogs that seem to be having trouble adding more than a couple of posts a week to their own blogs. What do suggest a new blogger should post their best content?

  • Sarah Arrow Jan 10, 2011

    Great post Kristi, I have 5 diverse multi blogging sites. I welcome guest posts from bloggers of all ranges and abilities.

    @Randy in the early days I established my blog and then gave away my best content, before that it “hurt” to give away good stuff. When I had around 50 posts under my belt I felt more confident. Hope that helps.

  • Marnie Jan 11, 2011

    I had never thought about guest blogging on the same site on a regular basis – say once per month. I love the idea! Thanks so much for posting this.

  • Alexis Jan 11, 2011

    There are indeed lots of benefits of becoming a regular contributor. I’ve doing that for week and i can see results in terms of traffic.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Kristi H Jan 17, 2011

    I’m looking forward to you getting your site going again… always enjoyed your posts! :)

  • Kristi H Jan 17, 2011

    Yes, a lot of posts talk about the benefits of spreading yourself around. I think it’s better to find sites with great authority and then become an expert on them. It will make you much more memorable amongst a larger audience!

  • Kristi H Jan 17, 2011

    I would say that if you can only write one or two great articles, then consider doing a smaller frequency on your own blog (two posts a week), then pick one week per month to devote to doing three great posts a month, and make that third one your guest post. You don’t have to blog on a daily basis – and you don’t have to guest blog every week either. I find that if I have few posts / guest posts going live, it gives me more time to nurture each of them through social sharing and commenting, therefore making each more popular and more valuable than if I spread myself too thin by posting everywhere often.

  • Kristi H Jan 17, 2011

    Yes, it’s good to give everyone a chance. My thought is that if the content itself is good, I don’t mind if the blogger is experienced or a new to blogging.

  • Kristi H Jan 17, 2011

    Most of the guest blogging tips out there usually suggest going around everywhere, which is something I tried to do for a bit. I have found that I get great (if not better) results just doing a few monthly gigs instead.

  • Kristi H Jan 17, 2011

    That’s great to hear Alexis!