15 Dec 2009

50 Topics to Help You Get Started on Your Corporate Blog

corporate blogAdding a company blog is a great idea for many different reasons: internal links, as a communication channel for your company, to show your creativity, create yourself as an authority in your industry, and for brand awareness. And don’t forget traffic: Here at Vertical Measures our blog accounts for almost 25% of our site traffic!

Getting it set up is pretty easy, check out e-How’s guide to setting up a blog. Then the hard part begins: figuring out what topics to write about!
Our list of 50 topics below should help you get started on your corporate blogging:
1.) Use a recent press release
2.) Discuss and review industry best practices
3.) Announce a webinar, tradeshow, presentation, speaking engagement, etc.
4.) Create a how-to post
5.) Explain your corporate culture
6.) Answer a common customer support question
7.) Share a presentation
8.) Publicize a recent charitable donation and your reasons for donating
9.) Highlight a product or service
10.) Review or critique a competitor’s poll, case study or white paper
11.) Announce a recent award or recognition achieved by your company
12.) Make a statement about future trends in your industry
13.) Discussing a recent addition to your staff
14.) Introducing a unique strategy or approach
15.) Announce expanding or renovating your business
16.) Announce sponsoring or hosting a workshop, webinar, or seminar
17.) Put an industry spin on the holidays
18.) Discuss a blog post you disagree with, and why
19.) Make predictions for the coming year in your industry
20.) Recap the previous industry related news for the year
21.) Create and discuss a case study
22.) Make a list of tools you use on a daily basis, and can’t live without
23.) Discuss your budget concerns, and how you are addressing them
24.) Reiterate topics discussed in your most recent newsletter
25.) Announce a company gathering or party
26.) Provide tips on being more productive in your industry
27.) Leverage an industry related event or item in the news, and spin it to fit to your companies goals, ideals, or product offerings
28.) Gather industry related events or news throughout the week and summarize
29.) Showcase your employees (with their permission) in a creative way: their pets, baby pictures, odd hobbies, odd talents, etc.
30.) Create a satirical post with humor and wit about a topic in your industry
31.) Propose a would you rather question to your readers
32.) Discuss a typical day at your office
33.) Share what you learned during the day, throughout the week, or even month
34.) Look at your comments and highlight/answer/discuss a topic your readers are interested in
35.) Review your past work and summarize in one blog post
36.) Invite a guest writer to write on your blog
37.) Provide a top “101” list of the best resources, guides, people, sites, etc. in your industry
38.) Gather images, with attributions to their original source, that are related to your industry
39.) Interview someone in your company, or an industry leader and provide it on your blog
40.) Write a rant about an industry related problem, or solution you don’t agree with
41.) Share blog stats in a case study form on your blog
42.) Ask a question of your readers
43.) Profile an industry professional
44.) Create a post where you pose a hypothetical situation or question
45.) Announce contests or promotions in your industry
46.) Embed videos and summarize the video in your post
47.) Provide a quote from a person in your industry, and discuss the relevance
48.) Ask for help from your readers on what to blog about in a blog post
49.) Highlight free resources in your industry
50.) Discuss your company’s history: how you got started, your founders backgrounds, what your mission statement is, and how you developed it
There are a few things to remember when getting started:
1.) Don’t just write and assume you’ll automatically get traffic. Check out our webinar, “Creating a Corporate Blog That Attracts Visitors” for a few tips.
2.) Update your blog regularly. Here at Vertical Measures we blog at least two times per week. If that isn’t feasible shoot for 1 post per week.  
3.) Personalize your blog, don’t sound like a boring corporate talking head.
4.) Assume your competitors will read your blog, but don’t let this prevent you from providing good information. Ever heard of the bikini concept? “You can give 90% of it away, but there will always be people who will happily pay to see that last 10%”, discussed in CopyBlogger.com’s post “7 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing“. While you don’t want to give away your essential trade secrets, you DO want to give some of the information away for free.
5.) In every blog post try to answer a question. Why? Because you don’t want to provide meaningless posts that prove useless to your readers. Provide a valuable source of information.
6.) Don’t be concerned if you need help managing your blog. That’s why there are content development experts out there.
Have some topics or suggestions to add to the list? Drop us a comment below!



  • Ralphm Dec 15, 2009

    These are great, Kaila. At WordCamp, Merlin Mann, aka @hotdogsladies, offered some simple, yet powerful advice for corporate blogging. Simply stated: write about everything, except yourself.

  • Kaila S. Dec 15, 2009

    That’s a good way of thinking about it! Some people don’t think they should talk about themselves, so maybe #1 (and a few others) aren’t for those folks. :)

  • Locksmith Services Dec 15, 2009

    Thanks Kaila this is really a great post…….the list is truly exhaustive…….

  • Communications Guy Dec 16, 2009

    You don’t even have to call it a blog if you don’t want. I have set up several “blogs” for small companies, and have often used terms like specials or updates. Using a blog to post specials works great!

  • Kristi Dec 16, 2009

    These are great ideas on how to generate ideas for corporate blogging. I hear lots of businesses say they would like to start blogging, but they have no idea what they cold possibly write about. Look at this list, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to not being able to generate content.

  • Becky Dec 17, 2009

    What a great resource for companies starting a blog – thanks for the post!

  • Kat Dec 18, 2009

    Some of these are great – but I would really disagree with the recommendation to use a recent press release. I find that the press release tone is difficult to lose for new bloggers and makes blog posts salesy and impersonal – which entirely misses the point.

  • Kaila S. Dec 18, 2009

    Good point Kat, thanks for pointing that out! :)

  • Jade Dec 18, 2009

    Fantastic post overall-great resource for first time bloggers. I have to respectfully disagree with number 17 though. For god’s sake, please no more “the 12 gifts of SEO” or “Lead Generation Valentines.” Don’t bastardize the holidays with B2B messaging people-you’re better than that. Some things are sacred.

  • Annie Feb 15, 2010

    Realise I’m behind the times, but you could still blog about a press release, linking to it on the main site. You wouldn’t have to use the actual wording, just a snippet to encourage people to read the full message.

  • Deni Prasetya Jun 06, 2010

    i like items no 21..21.) Create and discuss a case study
    many discuss makes us know what we still dont know about our blog..
    more in SEO i think

  • Rebecca Sep 08, 2010

    These are some great ideas- thanks for sharing! I always think it's great to blog about relevant corporate events and other opportunities coming up.

  • Heather Todd May 08, 2011

    Thanks for the Great article on “50 topics to help you get started on your corporate blog”