Working closely with

A private junior college, our team to boost organic traffic, leads and conversions. With the help of our expert SEO team, Vertical Measures was proud to generate some truly eye-grabbing results

Our Challenge

The private college was struggling to produce content that people were searching for in Google, ranking organically in search and optimizing their website.

Our Goals


organic website traffic


optimized content more frequently


qualified leads

Increase amount of leads
while decreasing overall cost of lead

Our Strategy

Link Development

Because the combination of high-quality links and content are a huge factor for increasing organic website performance, we performed link development for the junior college each month. In 2017, we were able to obtain 25 backlinks with an average Domain Authority (DA) of 45.

In general, highly-sought-after and valuable links come from University(.edu), Government (.gov) and news publications. The higher the domain and page authority, the more valuable the link becomes.

Optimized Content Creation

Vertical Measures created 11 pieces of high-quality content for the junior college since Q4 of 2016.

Unbranded Content Matters

Some of this content was focused on prospective student interests or general topics that any student would like to know. Developing content that wasn’t dripping with the University’s logo and branding made a large impact.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Vertical Measures continued CRO efforts for 5 months in 2017. We’ve seen great results with testing quizzes, copy changes, and request for more info forms.

User-Centered Content

With CRO in mind, we created quizzes and easy-to-complete information forms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team constantly found ways to improve page performance through SEO. We made optimizations to program pages, location pages, and the blog. This helped drive increased results year-over-year (YoY).

Intentionally Constructed for Optimization

When creating SEO-optimized content, we organized keywords and ides with related articles to provide search engines with the best, easiest to digest content. This helped improve their organic ranking on Google.

Keywords placed in important areas like titles, headlines, and primary content sections.

Important phrases and their variants may appear more frequently than average.

Related phrases arranged close together or connected by HTML elements.

KUse topically relevant outbound links and citations to high-quality content.

Related Content!
Resources which may contain information or other links to other pages on your website.

Our Results


Year-Over-Year Organic Traffic Growth

YOY Traffic Bar Chart Results

In 2016, the website garnered 272,460 organic sessions. By 2017, there was more than 367,576 organic sessions.

That’s a YoY increase of 34.91% in organic sessions.

YOY traffic Pie Chart Results
YOY traffic Pie Chart Results

That’s a YoY increase of 34.91% in organic sessions.


Year-Over-Year Lead Growth

In 2016, the website garnered 13,727 organic leads. By 2017, there was more than 18,447 organic leads

That’s a YoY increase of 34.38% in organic leads

YOY leads Pie Chart Results
YOY leads Pie Chart Results

That’s a YoY increase of 34.38% in organic leads

Why It Worked

We Started with Strategy

Our team put together a comprehensive organic strategy that was focused on driving organic traffic and leads for all programs. The strategy found ways to get users to not only the site but to key sections of the site, such as Programs pages and Campus pages.

We Leveraged Client-Collaboration

This worked because both Vertical Measures and the client were consistent with research and implementation. Being consistent with monthly fixes allowed us to keep track of what provided a lift. Ongoing analysis of website traffic data also allowed for both teams to work together to make data driven decisions to improve the website. Overall, consistency, data, and implementation are the reasons for success.

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