A Leading Eye Care Practice

in Arizona came to Vertical Measures looking to grow their organic traffic and online appointment requests.

Our Challenge

Content wasn’t created with a strategic purpose and the website wasn’t optimized to generate organic traffic from search. Local search wasn’t being used, so many untapped qualified leads were being left on the table.

Our Strategy

SEO Strategy

Our onsite search engine optimization audit revealed significant opportunities to improve the client’s site structure and performance:

Image Optimization*

Resized images to increase page-load speed. Sites with a heavy image presence should design with image optimization in mind.

Made Meta a Priority

Updated meta description tags to maximize click-through rate from search engine results pages.

Information Architecture

Adjusted site hierarchy and blog taxonomy so search engines crawl the site more effectively.

Google Page One*

Re-optimized web pages that were showing up on pages 2 and 3 of search results to increase Page 1 opportunities.

Structured Data

Implemented structured data so search engines understand client’s content better.

Local Search

Optimized local search listings on Google, Yext, YP, and Yelp.

Content Strategy

Vertical Measures used the Hub-and-Spoke model to generate leads for potential LASIK patients.

Hub (Gated)

Gated downloadable e-books (free in exchange for providing an email address).


Combination of blog posts, email marketing, social media posts, paid online advertising and interactive content to direct traffic to eBooks.

Social Media Posts

Email Marketing

Our Results

228_Percent Boost

Increased marketing-qualified leads by 228%

Increased website traffic by 54%

54 Percent Increase
54 Percent Increase

Increased website traffic by 54%

48 Percent Increase

Increased organic traffic by 48%

38% improvement in bounce rate from social media traffic

38 Precent Improvements
38 Precent Improvements

38% improvement in bounce rate from social media traffic

Why It Worked

Executive Buy-In

There are two types of clients: those who buy-in, and those who become bottlenecks.


And, we see a dramatic correlation between better results for those who trust our recommendations and implement vs. those who do not.

Content is King

Client established a “culture of content”

Test, learn, iterate

Client used measurement to test, learn, and iterate on their content marketing strategy

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