Fortune 100 Company Seeks to Improve Quality of Backlink Profile


Our Challenge:

Building quality backlinks is often difficult for large brands and enterprise level clients.

Our Strategy

Our SEO Link Specialists focus their link building efforts on high-quality research and outreach.

Our Goals: 

  • Backlinks to a Diversity of Referring Domains 
    • Acquire backlinks from as many high-quality referring domains as possible. 
  • Quality 
    • Average DA of 50, Average PA of 10 
  • Fast rate of acquisition 
    • 1 link every 7 hours 


  • Diversity of Referring domains 
    • 94.67% of the backlinks we acquired were from unique domains 
  • Quality 
    • Average DA of 52, Average PA of 15 
    • 38% of backlinks acquired from .gov/.edu/org domains.  
    • 9% .gov links 
    • 11% .edu links 
    • 18% .org links 
  • Fast Rate of Acquisition 
    • 1 link every 4.3 hours 

Why It Worked

Our experienced link development team focused on what pages on our clients site had the highest likelihood of earning backlinks. We then leveraged a wide variety of research tactics and tools to get a better understanding of the competitive landscape, as well as the top opportunities to pursue. Finally, our dedication to personalized outreach improved our chances of starting a conversation with high profile industry organizations. 

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