B2B Company Grows Leads by 385% By Embracing Digital Marketing

Traffic, leads, and revenue growth doesn’t happen overnight. Despite what you might read, there’s no magic tactic that will solve your marketing and sales woes. It’s hard work, execution, and sound strategy over the long-term that will make you a success story.


Our Challenge:

  • Getting a client’s executives to fully embrace and implement a digital marketing strategy.

Our Goals: 

  • Executive Content Marketing Buy-In
  • Grow Website Traffic
    • Publish optimized content more frequently
  • Increase Qualified Leads
    • Increase amount of leads while decreasing overall cost of lead

Our Strategy

  • Clearly define their audience and their needs.
  • Revamp the entire digital marketing strategy to align with the audience’s customer journey.
  • Find qualified writers to help create the content.


  • Executive Content Marketing Buy-In
    • Published 50+ times in a year and expanded their resource center
  • Grow Website Traffic
    • Organic traffic increased 808% YoY
      • 3% of total site traffic comes from organic traffic
  • Increase Qualified Leads
    • Leads increased by 385%
      • Revenue Increased by 137%

Why It Worked

  • Our team of coaches and subject matter experts created a strategy that promised to grow traffic and leads by answering questions people actively searched for in Google. The client embraced the entire strategy and implemented all recommendations and content.
  • After consistently posting content for 50+ weeks and creating a robust resource center, it showed the search engines that the client was a trusted, authoritative voice, which resulted in increased organic traffic, leads, and ultimately, more revenue.

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