High-quality Content
with SEO in Mind

Not only did our team create new content for the website, they optimized existing content for search, improving the clients organic rankings for many key pages.

Our Challenge

Help client compete with much larger firms

Coach executives on how to write SEO-friendly content

Publish content consistently

Publish content consistently

Define target audience
Produce high-quality content
Optimize website for Customer Journey

Our Goals

Increase qualified leads

Establish client as thought leader in their industry

Executive content marketing buy-in

Grow website traffic

Our Strategy

Define Target Audience

Define personas to target online ads and create content for potential buyers.

Who is your user?

What do they want? What are their goals?
What biases them? What are their content interests?

Content Strategy

To become a thought leader, produce insightful pieces that are significantly more valuable than what’s already been published across the web.

Promote the client’s strongpoints

Promote the client’s size, speed, low cost, expertise, and lack of red tape as significant advantages over similar firms.

1. Efficient Workflow

2. Size & Speed

3. Expertise

Optimize Website for Customer Journey

We help build the client’s target audience to understand their common challenges and created high-quality content to solve them. Next, we optimized the client’s website and aligned site pages to flow along the customer journey.

Our Results

Executives bought-in
on content marketing

From the beginning, the client was committed to creating and publishing content at least once per week. Their executives believed in the long-term strategy and followed-through. Today, they host an outstanding blog that’s considered a go-to resource in the industry.

Increased organic traffic
and quality of new leads

Increased qualified leads
and online revenue

Why It Worked

Publishing High-quality content

Our team of coaches and subject matter experts created a strategy that promised to grow traffic and leads by answering questions people actively searched for in Google. The client embraced the entire strategy and implemented all recommendations and content.

After consistently posting content for 50+ weeks and creating a robust resource center, it showed the search engines that the client was a trusted, authoritative voice, which resuted in increased organic traffic, leads and ultimately, more revenue.

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