Who is Vertical Measures? [VIDEO]

Who is Vertical Measures? [VIDEO]

It’s not often we step out from behind the content we produce on this blog and say hello as a company. That’s because we’re passionate about content marketing and providing useful, relevant content to our audience first and foremost. So this is our rare time to come out and say…hello! Our team has been working hard to produce a video that really captures the essence of who we are, our philosophy, and what that all means to the people we interact with, whether it’s you reading this blog or our clients we work with on a daily basis. So here’s a little break from our regularly programmed content and we hope you enjoy hearing a bit about what makes us tick.


Content marketing is a new, measurable way of doing business online, and we’ve actually built our entire philosophy around it.

We’ve evolved from a 2-person SEO company to a digital agency of 50 people – and they’re all excited and ready to help our clients grow too.

Businesses come to us because they want to invest in content marketing. That can take many forms – blog posts, infographics, videos, and social – but it really comes down to creating a sustainable marketing engine that will help to build their business.

We use the same approach in building our own business as we do with our clients. It’s an 8 Step Process that we’ve created over time, and it helps us practice what we preach.

One of the cornerstones of our business is to simply “be helpful.” This same belief has defined our purpose:

  • A purpose in helping clients grow their businesses.
  • A purpose in making the web better through publishing useful and relevant content.
  • A purpose in education.

Just as content marketing focuses on helping your audience, we’re passionate about teaching organizations through training workshops and webinars.

We have fun with what we do — but we’re also very serious about what we do. We’re proud of what we have accomplished, both locally and nationally.

We recognize that each client will have different goals. But by leveraging our 8-step methodology, along with some really smart people, creative brainstorming, plenty of laughs, and some hands-on meetings — we can build an efficient marketing system to drive your business.

Quinn Whissen

Quinn Whissen is the Director of Marketing at Vertical Measures. Quinn directs internal inbound marketing for VM, and develops large-scale content marketing strategies for enterprise-level clients. She has keen insights into both the high-level strategy work and day-to-day implementation that goes into creating digital marketing programs that drive results. She is a Wordpress fiend, a HubSpot whiz, and an Instagram artiste. +Quinn Whissen