Website Move, Update & Blog Integration Website Move, Update & Blog Integration

The time has come to update our company website however for extra fun we are also moving the website to a new hosting company AND merging this blog (Link Building Best Practices) in to the website so they are no longer separate sites and domains.  We thought it would be cool to document the process in a 4 post blog series so you can follow along, give us feedback and/or ideas and hopefully learn something with us during the process.

So let’s get started!

There were several factors and concerns we had about executing the move:

  • We do not want to lose our excellent search engine rankings
  • We want to update the content and make improvements to increase sales
  • We want an updated look and feel  using scalable technologies
  • Since many of our pages on both sites rank well in the search engines we want to make sure either the new URL structure was the same as the current one (yeah right!) or that we implement 301 redirects from each old page url to the url of the new page to prevent 404 page not found errors after the move.  This in itself will be quite a task but absolutely worth it from an SEO and user experience perspective.
  • The current Vertical Measures website is written in html with a little PHP and a MySQL database.  This blog is based on a WordPress platform (also as you most likely know PHP & MySQL database driven). So how can we merge the two sites without ending up with a website that looks like a blog or a blog that looks like a website?
  • Should we hire an outside company to handle the project or do it internally?
  • How can we accomplish the entire project by the end of the year as cost effectively as possible?

In our next post we’ll share the answer to these questions and start getting in to the “nuts and bolts” of the planning stage and beginning of execution.

Feel free to leave comments to share your experiences, ideas and tips on the topic or just wish us luck!

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