Vertical Measures Honored During 2018 AZIMA TIM Awards

Vertical Measures Honored During 2018 AZIMA TIM Awards

Each year, Vertical Measures showcases a few client-success stories by submitting nominations to the Arizona Innovation Marketing Association (AZIMA) TIM Awards. Named after Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, acknowledged father of the World Wide Web, the 2018 TIM Awards brings together Arizona’s best and brightest digital marketers and agencies to celebrate the work completed in the 2017 calendar year.

Vertical Measures was proud to bring home four awards from the event.

Vertical Measures 2018 AZIMA TIM Awards


  • Digital Transformation of the Year
  • Best Content Marketing Campaign
  • SEO Campaign of the Year
  • Content Website of the Year

Digital Transformation of the Year

Healthcare Client’s Digital Transformation with Vertical Measures

Each month, Vertical Measures spends time with the Director of Marketing at American Vision Partners, Darla Espinosa, to create strategies which have proven to be successful in the overall growth of Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center. Our team performed an initial SEO audit (while working closely with a web development agency to ensure no authority was lost during the migration) and conducted post-migration strategies which helped clean up the site in the eyes of Google.

We completed other strategies that were highly beneficial to the steady increase in organic traffic YoY. A snippet of our transformation includes:

Content Creation 

We spent time each month creating well-researched articles and eBooks that their audience was actively searching for in search engines. Additionally, we frequently posted articles on their blog which helped improve the website’s rankings and, in turn, organic traffic increases.

AZIMA-TIM-Awards-Goodeyes-Content-Solar saw a 6,247% increase in organic traffic after this Solar Eclipse article went live.

Content Amplification 

  • Vertical Measures’ paid efforts on social and search targeted the right users at the right time, pushing new users to the client’s site.
  • Organic social promotion helped keep existing users engaged and apprised of new content.
  • Lead nurture allowed us to build and maintain relationships with current or potential patients. This was extremely important for individuals searching for basic answers to their questions, but not ready to come in for an appointment. Our targeted and personalized emails allowed us to keep the conversation alive and push those individuals to schedule an appointment.

From April – June 2017, What’s the Stabbing Pain in My Eye received 20,220 visits (23% of total traffic to the site during that time).

Link Development           

  • Links are the currency of the internet. The more links you have from relevant, authoritative sites (pointing to, the higher your rankings will be. In 2017 we were able to acquire 36 backlinks using a personalized outreach approach.

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Vertical Measures’ CRO efforts helped take the traffic that was already landing on a page and convert the traffic at a higher rate. We’ve seen amazing results with this overall with our self-evaluations, exit-intent popups, etc.

This Self-Evaluation increased conversions 130% in one month.

Search Engine Optimization 

  • Vertical Measures constantly looks for ways to improve page performance in search. We optimized location pages to rank in search. We reviewed content that fell on pages 2 and 3 of Google and analyzed how we could improve the content to get the content to rank on page 1 (where most users find the information they’re looking for).

Our Results:

  • YoY Organic Traffic
    • YoY Increase90% organic sessions
  • YoY Marketing Qualified Leads (free guide download, self-evaluation completion, newsletter sign up)
    • YoY Increase44% Marketing Qualified Leads
  • YoY Sales Qualified Leads (consultation request and contact us form submission)
    • YoY Increase64% Sales Qualified Leads


Content Marketing Campaign of the Year

Local Adventure Company Booms with Help from Vertical Measures’ Content Marketing Campaign

Known as a local Adventure Company, Just Roughin’ It has worked alongside Vertical Measures for several years, building digital marketing strategies that have directly impacted the success of their business.

In 2017, Vertical Measures implemented new strategies that involved Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), organic link development, paid media (PPC) and content optimization. Using tactics from their Proven 8-step Methodology to Digital Marketing, Vertical Measures was able to generate impactful results for Just Roughin’ It.

Organic traffic to their website began to drastically increase, while Vertical Measures’ CRO team ensured that the new-found traffic moved seamlessly through Just Roughin’ It’s sales funnel – increasing conversion rates and improving their bottom line. Just Roughin’ It was able to open their first brick & mortar location in November 2017.

Our Results:

  • Published a minimum of 10 optimized pieces of content that users are searching for on a consistent basis will bring long-term results for organic traffic and conversions.
  • Linkable content created 47 backlinks for their website.
  • Total blog pageviews
    • YoY increase: 295%
  • Organic traffic
    • YoY increase: 217%
  • Reservations obtained from organic traffic =
    • YoY increase: 41%
  • Opened their first brick & mortar location in November 2017.

A few proud VMers visiting the Just Roughin’ It Scottsdale location


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign of the Year

Private Junior College Boosts Traffic, Leads and Conversions with Vertical Measures

The Vertical Measures team works closely with San Joaquin Valley College to boost organic traffic, leads and conversions. With the help of our expert SEO team, Vertical Measures was proud to generate some truly eye-grabbing results. Here’s an overview of work performed in 2017:

Link Development

Since Vertical Measures believes the combination of high-quality links and content are a huge factor for increasing organic performance to a site, we perform link development for SJVC each month. In 2017, we have been able to obtain 25 backlinks with an average Domain Authority of 45.


The Best Health Care Jobs in California Without a 4 Year Degree infographic is responsible for 19 links to the website

Optimized Content Creation

Vertical Measures created 11 pieces of high-quality content for San Joaquin Valley College since Q4 of 2016.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Vertical Measures continued CRO efforts for 5 months in 2017. We’ve seen great results with testing quizzes, copy changes, and request for more info forms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team at Vertical Measures constantly found ways to improve page performance through SEO. We’ve made optimizations to program pages, location pages and the blog. This helped drive increased results YoY.

Since optimizing the copy on the Medical Assistant Program Page, conversions increased by 20%.

Our Results:

  • YOY Organic Traffic
    • YOY increase: 91%
  • YOY leads
    • YOY increase: 34.38%


Content Website of the Year

Local Valley Digital Marketing Agency Wins Content Website of the Year

Vertical Measures has been known for their high-quality content for almost a decade. The blog, downloadable resources and monthly webinars have been a go-to resource for digital marketing experts around the world. Our blog is home base for marketers and business owners to discover fresh, useful information on a wide variety of topics, including SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media and more.


VM Content Resource Center

Our resource center has a library of in-depth eBooks, workbooks, checklists and more that offer robust information for all levels of marketing expertise. Our monthly webinars host thousands of interested marketers each year, while providing a platform for industry influencers to showcase their knowledge and strategies.

For digital marketers, there is no better place to find the most cutting-edge strategies and useful content than

Our Results:

  • Yearly Traffic to the Site
    • YoY increase: 48%
  • Yearly Traffic to the Blog
    • YoY increase: 66%
  • Unique Pieces of Content Created in 2017
    • 115


Looking Ahead…

More than 97% of website visitors hit your site and leave without engaging (They don’t fill out a form, request pricing, call you, add a comment, etc.). In 2018, we’re dedicated to creating strategies that capture visitor’s information (even the ones who leave), so you can anticipate the needs of your prospects and be at the right place, at the right time, with the right information, creating a game-changing asset for your company.

We’d like to thank our clients for the fantastic work throughout the 2017 calendar year. We have many client-success stories, just like the ones highlighted above, that proves our team’s commitment to digital excellence. Through our strategic collaboration, we aim to deliver stellar results that others strive to emulate.


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