Vertical Measures: The Big Move

Vertical Measures: The Big Move

What a wild and crazy month April has been! It seems like just yesterday we were moving into Suite 200, but now we’re in need of a larger space. Fenway Properties, our landlord, had a vacant Suite directly below #200. It wasn’t, however, in ready-to-move-in condition. After some great negotiating by Arnie and Andi we made the decision to move in, and signed the new lease on Suite #100.

Construction started right away on getting the suite to our specifications. As you can see in the slideshow below, our suite needed a lot of work before we were able to move in. Two bathrooms were taken out, thereby opening up the entryway and main hallway. The slideshow below shows you some of the photos: before, during, and after construction. All photos, by the way, can be viewed on our Flickr Photostream. 

Hover over the photo in the slideshow below to view the description and to pause the slideshow for a closer look.


Tell us what you think about our new space!

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