Vertical Measures & Social Universe Talk SEO, Social Media & Great Content [VIDEO]

Vertical Measures & Social Universe Talk SEO, Social Media & Great Content [VIDEO]

Vertical Measures & Social Universe Talk SEO Social Media & Great Content
Our very own Art Enke, Director of SEO Services, and Mike Huber, VP of Client Services, sat down with Kurt Wilhelm of Social Universe a couple weeks back. They spoke about Vertical Measures, our position in the SEO industry and our focus on content marketing. They also covered other aspects of the work we do – content promotion, Google algorithms, and organic vs. PPC marketing. There are more videos where this came from, so if you’re interested in learning about the integration of social media, SEO, and content from a Vertical Measures viewpoint, visit the Social Universe channel to continue the series.

Kurt: We’ll talk about social media and web marketing and also in many cases you’ll learn the secrets of the entire universe.  So today it feels like we’re talking about the entire universe.  We’re going to be talking about web marketing in general.  Before we do, we want to talk about the people who make all of this happen, the companies that make all of this happen.

Our advertisers, we have Planet Beach with nine locations in the Phoenix area.   If you’re not in the Phoenix area there’s Planet Beaches all over the United States.  So we recommend that you go there.  It’s a great place for one small fee you can have unlimited access to all the spa treatment that you want.  It’s amazing, I love it.  You can tell I don’t tan very much, but there also is tanning there, and I recommend Planet Beach wholeheartedly, great massages, wonderful, wonderful place to be.

Also for all of your floral needs we have two flower shops that we recommend. Glendale Flowers if you’re in Glendale at about 59th Avenue in Glendale in those beautiful little boutique shops.  And then also if you go down the I-17 freeway and about 19th Avenue and Northern we have PJ’s Flowers.  We absolutely love using them, and also you can reference my blog about giving away flowers at

I am not allowing my children, especially my sons to read The Power of Flowers because it’s a little more powerful than I actually want for my sons.  But if you’re looking to get new clients, and you’ve been looking to have great relationships out there flowers I have found over the years have been one of the most powerful things that are out there.

So we thank our advertisers.  Also we want to thank Crescendo for providing wonderful phone systems to those that are out there.  We thank them for being a major advertiser on the show, and today we are joined by Vertical Measures which is ranked number nine I think.  As I was doing my research on the internet, you guys are ranked number nine in the United States out of hundreds of SEO’s.  There’s probably, I would not doubt if you include everybody who works out of their basement, there’s probably over 100,000 SEO’s out there.

Mike: Easily.

Kurt: So I definitely welcome Art Enke and Mike Huber who are representing Vertical Measures on the show today.  We want to welcome you onto the show.

Mike: Thank you.

Art:   It’s great to be here.

Kurt: You bet.  If anyone wants to follow along and research, you can actually go to the Vertical Measures web site which I’m assuming is

Mike: Yes.

Kurt: And it’s spelled just like it sounds, Vertical and no fancy spellings or hyphens or anything like that, which is good basic SEO.  Again, thanks and welcome on the show.  If you want to talk just so people know who each of you are in relation to Vertical Measures and maybe we’ll start with Mike and then have Art talk a little bit about where you fit inside of the company.  What are your roles inside of Vertical Measures?

Mike: Sure, I’m the VP of client services at Vertical Measures, and I work directly with account managers and our project managers and my responsibility is to make sure that what we’ve contracted for with our clients is delivered in a timely manner.

Kurt: Very good.  If somebody comes on as a new client, they’ll probably have a little bit of interaction.  Hopefully a little bit of interaction, that means it’s a happy client.   A lot of interaction means that they’re about to be a happy client.

Mike: That is exactly right. And I try and get involved on the front end of the process, just so we have a really good understanding of what the client needs.  So when we start with a new client we try to take a snap shot of where they are, right now, today.  Look at their traffic, look at their onsite factors and really just get a good feel of where they, are so we know what kind of goals to set for them.  And where we want to take their website.

Kurt: Absolutely.  Also, I just need to tell our audience that, even though I did research Vertical Measures is in the top ten in the USA.  We’re lucky to have them in our backyard, up there in Scottsdale which is still part of the Phoenix area and so it made it a bit easier to have them in studio and we also didn’t just talk to the top ten, we talked to many other SEO’s companies that were located here in the Arizona and beyond.  And to be honest we came up with the conclusion that Vertical Measures is probably the best one.  Not only in the top ten in the USA, but the best one in Phoenix.

So consider that an endorsement, well consider that whatever you want.  I just think you guys are a great company.  I also brought you on board, I’m a little bit biased because I have actually seen your PowerPoint presentation before at a marketing evening meeting and was really impressed that you guys were all about content, content, content.  And we’re going to talk about that and we’re going to give a little bit of a teaser.

Don’t expect it to be inside of this segment.  We’re going to be talking about the Hummingbird release update that’s been out about 30 days now, and the Google algorithm and if any of you are wondering what Humming Bird means.  Make sure you stayed tuned in some of our other segments and we’re going to be talking more about that.   So Art, tell us a little bit about your role inside of Vertical Measures and what you do there.

Art:   Sure, yeah, I’m director of SEO services and my teams responsible for conducting in-depth site analysis.  Taking a look at sites, troubleshooting sites and exploring opportunities to grow exponentially organically.  That’s my role.  My team does a very good job of leaving no stone unturned.  We take a very, very detailed look when we do a site audit.  And we’re responsible for maximizing opportunities on the left-hand side of Google of course which is the organic search results is what my team focuses on.

Kurt: Okay, very good.  And if I can make an analogy here.  The reason why you want to have organic results versus your pay per click results.  It’s like renting your house versus owning your house.  There actually are some ranked companies if you actually go out there, that are mostly pay per click.  And you have to be aware of that, that yeah, they’re going to get you results within 24 hours maybe 36 hours.  You have results and you feel really good.  You’re right up there, but if you’re in that pink beige pay per click area, the big question I have to ask all of you out there is when is the last time you clicked personally on the pink page pay per click area that says ad.

When’s the last time you actually clicked on that?   And how often do you actually click in the more organic area.  And I think you kind of have your answer where you want to be.  You want to rank organically and you own that when you rank on keywords, when your content is good you own that space.  Is that an okay analogy to you?

Mike: I think it’s a great analogy.  What you’re saying is really true that most searchers will search or click on the organic side as opposed to the pay per click, but don’t totally discount pay per click.

Kurt: Agreed. It’s kind of like Ethanol in your gas tank.  Good for the environment.

Mike: There’s actually good reasons to do paid search.  And it’s not just necessarily on Google.  There’s social media where you can do paid advertising as well.

Kurt: Good point.

Mike: One of the things we advise our clients to do is to create really great content is to promote it.  You don’t automatically go to the top of the search engines with your content right away, so it’s a really good idea to promote it to get other people to look at it, and then potentially to have other people link to it.

Kurt: You know, very good point.  And again, I am not the SEO practitioner and Art is, so anytime I’m a little off base just pull me back on track.  But, this is another thing that I tell people for example.  I just went through a client, they had to spend about two grand a month that they wanted to spend out there. And they were with Dex which if any of you are out there with Dex, give me a call 480-296-1776 because, I don’t want to bad mouth anybody out there, but there are other better ways to get results for your money.  Let’s just put it that way and be done with it.

So they wanted to re-router their Dex money over but Dex was trying to tell them that they were doing pay-per-click.  Now how much pay-per-click, and it’s very easy.  Somebody is telling you that you are doing pay-per-click and they want show you the pay-per-click account.  It’s your account.  You can log in, you can see how much pay-per-click is being done, but instead Dex told them, that’s proprietary information.  Which we all burst out laughing about the proprietary information of your pay-per-click.

And in a way, I’m not saying they were lying, because to be honest, I think the reason it’s proprietary is it wasn’t necessarily pay-per-click that was being done on behalf of the client.  I think it actually was pay-per-click where if anybody understands how Dex works.  And again, I would probably want to have a rebuttal from Dex so don’t take this as gospel truth.  But in my opinion, in my very, very humble opinion as a non practitioner.  I think Dex actually does pay-per-click for themselves and tells them that they’re doing it on behalf of them.  And the reason is they are temporarily are owning that particular landing page, that particular space.  But that’s why they can’t show a pay-per-click account.

So if you are doing pay-per-click. I think you won’t disagree with me.  You should probably put your pay-per-click account with the SEO company that you’re using as well because it is part of the overall battle strategy like you were saying.  First of all you want to test a couple of key words.  Maybe you want to test out Sun City, get a few phone calls from Sun City in your particular window, blinds, whatever that you’re doing.  You want to see if Sun City is a good market for you.  You can test that for three or four weeks to a month and see if that’s a good place you want to own.

If people are calling just beating you up on price and telling you I’m on a Social Security budget, and there is no way that I can pay that kind of price  and you realize that we’re going to lose money on every account, probably you don’t want to own that key word.  So let’s move on to a different key word, plus as you were saying it’s about content, so you can actually use pay-per-click to promote for a while until you own the keyword organically then you can pull it back out of pay-per-click and searching.

So if you have two separate companies it’s kind of like having, if you had pay-per-click with one account, with one company like Dex and you then did your organic SEO with Vertical Measures, the problem I would see with that is like saying we have three out of our five starters on the Phoenix Suns that play Steve Nash, who still some how plays for the Phoenix Suns while he’s in LA.  Not going to happen he’s always going to score for the other team.  So you can’t coordinate and can’t coach when they’re on two separate teams, but if it’s all under one roof, would you guys agree with that?

Art:   Absolutely.  And sense you mentioned coordination, we recently merged with a great page agency called Site Pro.  And it’s very interesting you mentioned working together, because we work in tandem very well.  So they’ll be working on a client and I can feed, I can get data from the Site Pro Team, and they can get data from me, and when we work in tandem it works really well together.   Because then we can see conversion on specific keywords so he organic strategy becomes much more thorough because we have that angle, something that we’re very excited about at Vertical Measures.

Kurt: So listen to what he just said, because I took a lot of words to say what he just said in about ten seconds.  And I think we’re about to come up to break, so we’ve got about one minute to break.  Give us just the one minute overview of why somebody should use Vertical Measures?

Mike: Well we’re a search, social, and content marketing company.  And the the SEO landscape has changed dramatically in the last 18 months.  So there’s a lot of web masters out there and websites that have lost traffic.  And they’re really trying to figure out the why of it.  So there’s been a Panda update, a Penguin update.  There’s also been the recent Humming Bird which you had just recently mentioned, and then there’s also been a change in Google Analytics where they don’t show you the keywords anymore where people are searching to find your site.

So there’s a lot of people who are really at a loss for what do I do next   So that’s why you would want to come to Vertical Measures, because we take a look at your website.  We do some analysis on how the site is setup, the architecture.  We’d also do a content inventory,  see what content you currently have and then talk to you about your goals and where you want to take the website.  So based on that we would create a strategy for you that would look at the seo portion. It would look at the content, and it would also touch on some more aspects of promotion that could really help you advance your traffic and your leads, and your business.

Kurt: Absolutely. So if you fit any of those categories you want to increase your business, you want to increase the leads, you want to have good conversion on your website and you also are aware you need to have good  content, then you want to know all about what those Google animals are then Vertical Measures is the company for you.  You can either call them at their main phone number at 602-314-3416.  You can call the sales department if you feel so brave at 602-314-3467 I actually know Patty over there, she’s a great person.  So you’ll love working with her.

And also if you want to go to the website and research them a little bit it’s or you can call me and get an independent third party analysis and talk to me before you refer over to them.  Either way is fine, call me at 480-296-1776.  Again, thanks for tuning in to Social Universe.  This is Kurt Wilhelm, host of the Social Universe here on  World Talk Radio and Voice America and when we come back, we’re going to talk about those nice fuzzy animals Panda, Penguin, and Humming Bird having to do with Google, so don’t go away. We’ll be right back after the break.


Quinn Whissen

Quinn Whissen is the Director of Marketing at Vertical Measures. Quinn directs internal inbound marketing for VM, and develops large-scale content marketing strategies for enterprise-level clients. She has keen insights into both the high-level strategy work and day-to-day implementation that goes into creating digital marketing programs that drive results. She is a Wordpress fiend, a HubSpot whiz, and an Instagram artiste. +Quinn Whissen