The Weekly Measure: Talk Triggers, Leaving Facebook & Small Business SEO

The Weekly Measure: Talk Triggers, Leaving Facebook & Small Business SEO

Every Friday, Vertical Measures gathers all the best content from across the web and compiles it into The Weekly Measure. We feature the entire spectrum of digital marketing, including content marketing, paid media, social media, search engine optimization, link building and email marketing. We also list the best conferences that will take place in that next few weeks. Keep with the Weekly Measure each week as we continue to provide you with the most current digital marketing news.

Digital Marketing


6 Steps Any Business Can Use to Unlock Monumental Word of Mouth

– Vertical Measures


Find out how to take your talk triggers out of the hands of a few lucky marketers and empower your entire organization to generate word-of-mouth buzz.

Content Marketing


A Primer to Boost Your Content’s Readability

– Content Marketing Institute


Use this step-by-step guide to improve your content’s readability and make it easier for the audience to consume your content.

Amazing Results with Long-Form Content: 5 Simple Tips

– SEMrush


Here are five simple tips to see similar results. Many content marketers fail to get results from their efforts; find out why.


Search Engine Optimization


Practical SEO for Small Businesses

– Infusionsoft


SEO is crucial to get your business noticed on popular search engines like Google. Here’s a quick rundown to get you started.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Right Now

– WordStream


WordStream shares the top 10 ways you can improve your local SEO starting today.


Paid Media


How to Improve Your PPC Ad’s Quality Score

– Search Engine Journal


PPC quality score still matters today. Here’s how you can boost the quality of your keywords, ads, and landing pages for a higher score.

Everything You Need To Know About Google Ads Automated Extensions

– Clix Marketing


Learn about the current automated extensions available in Google Ads and how to opt out of them for your Google Ads account.


Social Media


What Will It Take Us to Finally Leave Facebook?

– HubSpot


When all is said and done, where do users and brands stand on their trust in Facebook — and what will it take for us to leave?

6 Brands Nailing Twitter Marketing Today

– Search Engine Journal


Want to make your Twitter presence more interesting to your audience? Get inspired by these six brands, which are really nailing Twitter marketing.


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