The Weekly Measure:<br>SEO Questions, Email Mantras & We Won a Ton of Awards!

The Weekly Measure:
SEO Questions, Email Mantras & We Won a Ton of Awards!

Each week, Vertical Measures presents the Weekly Measure, a collection of the week’s latest updates in the content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building fields. Also provided is a handy schedule of internet marketing industry conferences taking place around the world. Keep with the Weekly Measure each week as we continue to provide you with the most current digital marketing news.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing Best Practices You Should Be Following in 2018

– Vertical Measures


Here are the content marketing best practices that we employ and that you should be following.

How to Find and Reuse Your Best Content

– Content Marketing Institute


These seven practical tools can help you find, repurpose, and repost your best-performing content.

Paid Media

How to Create a Paid Search Campaign Projection

– Search Engine Journal


Having a useful projection report before you spend a dime on paid search can help reinforce expectations of performance. Learn how to create a projection in this step-by-step guide.

6 Google AdWords Hacks To Drive More Local Foot Traffic

– Kissmetrics


Along with the existing features and extensions, I’ve detailed six Google AdWords hacks that can drive more local foot traffic to your store or business.

Social Media

Here’s the Information You’re Probably Giving Social Media Networks, and How They Protect It

– HubSpot


What are social media networks doing to protect your personal information? Check out this infographic and learn how three platforms are keeping information secure.

How to Use Instagram Like a Beauty Brand

– Moz

There’s a secret to seeing wild success on the app, and beauty brands in particular have the key to unlock it. Learn what works and how to market like a pro on Instagram.

Search Engine Optimization

Five SEO Questions with David Mihm; Small Business, Local Schema and Tips to Get Ahead

– SEMrush


An interview with local SEO legend David Mihm, where he talks about local schema and tips for getting ahead with your small business. If you are looking to dominate your local search listings, then here are important strategies you should know.

Google Exploit: Canonical Negative SEO

– Search Engine Journal


A new negative SEO attack has been discovered. It’s difficult to detect the attacker.

Email Marketing

How Often Should You Email Your List?

– Infusionsoft


An often asked question in email marketing is how often should you email your list. Check out these tips to help you answer that question.

Quintessential Mantras for Better Email Marketing

– SEMrush


Chanting these Email Marketing and Design Mantras can greatly help you stay blessed in 2018 and beyond.

What’s Happening Around VM?

Vertical Measures Honored During 2018 AZIMA TIM Awards

– Vertical Measures


Each year, Vertical Measures showcases a few client-success stories by submitting nominations to the Arizona Innovation Marketing Association (AZIMA) TIM Awards.


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