The Weekly Measure: Search Behavior, Ad Strength & Customer Retention

The Weekly Measure: Search Behavior, Ad Strength & Customer Retention

Every Friday, Vertical Measures gathers all the best content from across the web and compiles it into The Weekly Measure. We feature the entire spectrum of digital marketing, including content marketing, paid media, social media, search engine optimization, link building and email marketing. We also list the best conferences that will take place in that next few weeks. Keep with the Weekly Measure each week as we continue to provide you with the most current digital marketing news.

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Content Marketing

30 Experts Identify Biggest Mistakes in Content Marketing

– Content Marketing Institute


Learn what you’re doing well and where you can improve your content marketing as experts cite the biggest mistakes being made.

Top 15 Digital Marketing Tools for Content Marketing

– Campaign Monitor


Find free digital marketing tools to improve your content marketing. Campaign Monitor lists how to increase traffic, build connections, and drive revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

How I Boosted My Rankings Without Creating Content or Building Links

– Neil Patel


It doesn’t matter what update Google rolls out, Neil Patel found that there are a few hacks that consistently work to boost your rankings without creating more content or building more links.

Getting Personal with SEO: How To Use Search Behavior to Transform Your Campaign

– Search Engine Watch


Using award-winning campaign for Leeds Beckett University as a case study, we dive into how to use search behavior to transform your campaign.

Paid Media

There is No Reason to Manage Bids Manually

– Search Engine Land


Here’s why it’s best to automate the tedious work humans used to do to calculate CPC.

Google Measures Effectiveness of Ads With New ‘Ad Strength’ Indicator

– Search Engine Journal


Google has introduced a new tool for helping advertisers measure the effectiveness of their ads before they go live.

Link Building

The Long-Term Link Acquisition Value of Content Marketing

– Moz


The long tail of link building holds a wealth of value, but you might not know it unless you’ve done the analysis. Luckily for us, Fractl did — here are the results.

A Quarter-Million Reasons to Use Moz’s Link Intersect Tool

– Moz


Smart link prospecting is the key to earning high quality links, faster. The Link Intersect tool helped my agency land a $250,000 contract — read the story and see what it can do for you.

Email Marketing

Customer Retention and the Power of Email Marketing

– Vertical Measures


Customer retention is vital to the growth of your business. Discover how email marketing can be one of the best tools in your digital marketing arsenal.

5 Ways You Can Use Data To Send More Relevant Emails

– Campaign Monitor


Drive conversions and ROI with more relevant emails. Campaign Monitor shows how data collection and strategic decisions build successful emails campaigns.


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