The Weekly Measure:<br>Driving Freelancers Crazy, SEO Extensions & How to Find Emails

The Weekly Measure:
Driving Freelancers Crazy, SEO Extensions & How to Find Emails

The Weekly Measure returns every Friday to deliver a curated list of content marketing, paid search, social media, search engine optimization and link building news cherry picked from sites throughout the week. Also included is a schedule of conferences for those who want to expand their knowledge base in a live format environment. Make the Weekly Measure your one stop shop for digital marketing news every week!


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Content Marketing

5 Things You’re Doing That Drive Your Freelance Writers crazy

– Marketing Land


How do you cultivate a relationship with your freelance writers that will result in great content? Columnist Megan Krause discusses five things to avoid if you want to stay on a freelancer’s good side.

What is the Deal With These Ghost Buttons?



How ghost buttons have gained in popularity in the past few years, and what their impact can be on user conversion.

Paid Search

Are Amazon ‘Sponsored Products’ Ads Worth It?

– HubSpot


Amazon’s ad business is growing. If you’re considering advertising on Amazon, read this first.

Google AdWords ‘Days to Conversion’ Shows How Long it Will Take an Ad to Convert

– Search Engine Journal


A new report in Google AdWords shows how long it will take users to convert after clicking on an ad.

Social Media

What 20 Studies Say About The Best Times To Post On Social Media

– CoSchedule


Do you know all the best times to post on social media? In this post, we’ve crunched the data from 20 studies to find the best times for each network.

Boost Your Social Media Presence By Saving Time With Automation



Increase your social media presence by saving time with social media automation. I’ll show you 7 things you can focus on instead of scheduling posts.

Search Engine Optimization

Why Your Web Development Project Needs an SEO Agency

– Vertical Measures


Learn how to ensure your web development project is built to SEO best practices. Follow this advice to guarantee a successful project.

What Are The Must-Have SEO Extensions In A Digital Marketer’s Arsenal?

– Creative Scoop


From analyzing your website’s performance to helping you build strong links, these extensions are designed specifically to elevate SEO best practices.

Link Building

Visually Understanding Your Site Structure and External Link Weight Impact

– Search Engine Land


Columnist Dave Davies explains how to use Gephi, a data visualization tool, to create a visual representation of your site structure with regard to inbound link strength.

How to Find Any Email Address: The Complete List of Tactics

– SEO Sherpa


Discover how to find any email address. More than 17 techniques (and dozens of tools) to find email addresses by name in minutes.


Email Lists: When Smaller Is Actually Better

– Content Marketing Institute


Don’t go for the biggest number of subscribers. Be selective to find an audience that’s truly valuable to your business.

What to Include in Every Welcome Email

– Infusionsoft


For your welcome email to be effective, it needs these five steps. Are you using them? Are you sure? Better check.

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