Ten Things That Happened to Me My First Week at Vertical Measures

Ten Things That Happened to Me My First Week at Vertical Measures

First Week at Vertical Measures

Pel Abbott just started her first week at Vertical Measures as an Account Manager and chronicled some of the interesting things that occurred during that introduction to a new organization and a slightly different role for her than in her past.

    1. An unexpected, unscripted and un-caffeine-aided self-introduction at approximately 8:50 AM on Monday to a room full of new peers. Nothing like trying to think on your feet.
Alligator Jerky

Gluten-free. Sadly, not gator-free.

    1. My first (and last) taste of alligator jerky while egged on by colleague Michael Schwartz. Yes, it’s made from real alligator meat. Just ask Kaila Strong, she brought it. It tastes a lot like smoked fish.
    2. Fantastic all-day “Content Marketing Workshop” led by Vertical Measures’ founder Arnie Kuenn, with a wealth of information that will be in his new book coming out in May called Accelerate! Grow Your Business Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing.A couple of things from my notes: you must have a blog, preferably written by a real person with an interesting and believable personality. Also, blogs or articles containing “top” lists (like “Top Twenty-Five Reasons to Work With Vertical Measures “) still test at the highest levels for readership.
    3. Met some really cool attendees at the workshop (see #3), which allowed me to: a. taste-test handmade chocolates soon to be available on a custom website from Epiphany Chocolates Company; b. reminisce about my favorite old-fashioned candy, Cherry Mash, just one of the many classic candies that will be sold at a new local retail store at Camelback & Central in Phoenix called Smeeks; c. Learned that scorpions do not sting themselves to death when drenched in alcohol per urban or desert legend, but they do appear to get drunk.
    4. Promotions department colleague Ann-Marie Jancovich showed me the latest ways to get optimized public relations impact on the web. I was totally wowed, since I used to do a lot of PR in the old-fashioned snail-mail way in the past. This is yet another area where the Internet has totally improved an important piece of the marketing mix. The days of poring over Bacon’s and the SRDS books (Standard Rate & Data Service) to get news out to the right journalists and information sources are over!
Betta Fish

It keeps getting betta and betta

  1. Had a great lunch with my boss Patty Adams at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant right down the street. Found out we are both addicted to the same Greek salad with gyro meat – yum! Also found out more about my role in working with new clients. Can’t wait to help people, my favorite thing to do.
  2. Was introduced to two new as-yet-unnamed office pets that grace the client services department. I vote for naming them Betta Test 1 & 2. Sarah Schager has assured me they will have real names next week.
  3. Had the white board in my office stolen off the wall, I’m sorry, I mean “exchanged” for a vertical one that has yet to appear.
  4. Met with director of client services Liz Gessaman several times for a few moments at a time, and just can’t understand why she keep prioritizing client work and deadlines over yakking with me.
  5. Set up HootSuite so I can manage all my social media accounts from one handy online site, follow me @PelAbbott on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, or connect with me on Linkedin. I’m officially a VM’er now!!!

Do you have any interesting stories to share about your first time at a new job or in unfamiliar territory? Share them in the comments below!

Pel Abbott

As a former small-business owner, advertising agency executive, and marketing manager at a major newspaper, Pel brings a diverse background to the team at Vertical Measures. A solid grounding in marketing and business principles allows her to help clients generate concrete online marketing plans by identifying and capitalizing on their unique advantages over their competitors.