Social Media Marketing Expert Interview with Chris Voss

Social Media Marketing Expert Interview with Chris Voss

This week, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with a social media leader, Chris Voss, President of Strategix One Consulting, and host of the Chris Voss show. He shares his 20+ yrs experience as a serial entrepreneur of successful companies in Business and Marketing and I asked him a few questions about social media marketing.

Elise Redlin-Cook: Can you describe what you do in 140 characters or less?

Chris Voss: Serial Entrepreneur and I’m a business consultant for business’ that want to succeed in business, Social Media, marketing etc.

Elise: How important is an understanding of psychology or sociology?

Chris: SUPER important.  Being a manager or CEO means you have to understand people and how they tick.  Or at least try to.  I’ve had over 1000 employees.  I’ve been a life, psychology, marriage, children, financial, guidance, drug, pick you up at the bar, bail you out of jail, counselor etc.  It never ends, people see you as a leader and it’s not as simple as you’d like it sometimes.  Listening and understanding is important.

Elise: Do you think that social media adoption is affecting human consciousness? How?

Chris: Yes, but it goes both ways.  I think Social Media is a product of where we’ve come as humans and technology.  I think it’s like anything being integrated, it’s progressing our change.  I think it’s both good and bad like anything else.  It’s connecting us like never before worldwide and giving a very powerful voice to people.  On the other hand there are many disconnects, like loss of intimacy and physical communication skills between people.  It’s like anything else in the development dichotomy of human nature, it can be used for good or bad.

Elise: What are the most essential works that influenced your career?

Chris: Anthony Robbins, Earl Nightengale, Tom Peters, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Elise: What are some of the biggest mistakes or misconceptions that you see novices consistently make?

Chris: Playing follow the leader and believing the mass thinking.  A million morons yacking the same thing doesn’t make it so, neither does a million bloggers.  Great people are visionaries, they aren’t busy drinking the kool aid.

Elise: How and why did you get into social media business?

Chris: 3 other Corporations I owned slowed significantly with the recession.  For 2 decades people had been suggesting I do business consulting full time.  I finally got the time.

Elise: What are your favorite tools for social media?

Chris: The proprietary ones we developed for our clients to market with. I love Hootsuite also – the new HTML 5 browser setup they have is great.  Tweetdeck and Seesmic have good products also.  On my iPad I use Twitterific and on iPhone I use Twittelator.  Love em both and I’ve tried all the major Apps.

Elise: We are seeing so many mergers and acquisitions lately, is there one that you think would make perfect sense?

Chris: They usually don’t make sense, except for lining the pockets of certain people.

Elise: When/ How did you first realize the innate true power of social media as a marketing tool?

Chris: In 2009, When my business’s websites started getting massive traffic from it. I was blown away that I could control directing traffic to my sites.  Mainly without buying Google adsense words and having SEO stuff setup.  I love it – Twitter is a great link generator.

Elise: What is one of the biggest myths you’re seeing perpetuated about social media?

Chris: That brands and marketing didn’t care about building relationships before Social Media.  That its not about selling, in truth, everyone is pitching and selling themselves or their wares.

Elise: I’m sure you love what you do, but what is one thing do you dislike about the social media industry?

Chris: The quacks who repeat everyone and can’t generate mass traffic to clients sites.  The gestapo types who run around attacking people with different ideas because they don’t conform to their assumptions.  Social Media “experts” who attack people by being unsociable.

Elise: How do you measure influence?

Chris: Traffic = Sales.  If you can move people to come to your site regularly – you win.  You can build the greatest website known to man, if you can’t get traffic to it, it’s a waste.

Elise: I can’t find enough hours in the day, how do you find the time and more importantly manage it to stay active with social media?

Chris: Time Management, programming, efficiency.

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Do you have some social media marketing tips to share? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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