Rand Fishkin Makes Search Predictions for 2010

Rand Fishkin Makes Search Predictions for 2010


A well known name in the search industry is that of Rand Fishkin, our “Rand Finale” Internet expert in our 2010 predictions video series. Rand is the CEO & founder of SEOMoz, a leader in search engine optimization tools, resources & community. He is particularly passionate about the SEOMoz blog, where he discusses a range of topics about industry related news, tips, and information. Rand has spoken at conferences and keynotes around the world, and is a true expert in the field.

He was in town for the recent AZIMA event “Strategies for SEO Success in 2010”, and we had the opportunity to ask him about his predictions for the search industry in 2010. While SEOMoz is not located in Phoenix (they call Seattle, WA their home), we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include him in our Phoenix based interview series. Rand gives some insight into the recently publicized news Google mentioned at CES (Near Me Now), as well as what he thinks should be your SEO focus in 2010.

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In the video below Arnie asks Rand: 

1.) What are your predictions for the search industry in general for the year ahead? 
2.) How about specifically link building, where do you see that headed? 
3.) What one critical issue should those in the search engine marketing space be concerned about or focused on in 2010?


Filmed by Chance Carpenter, founder of Essential Event Technologies, an online video production and webcasting solutions provider.

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