My Experience as a Vertical Measures Intern

My Experience as a Vertical Measures Intern

Measures-Intern-Team-3Hey there, my name is Madison Nelson. I’m an energetic adventurer from a small town in Minnesota and my goal every day is to spread positivity and connect people with their common interests (marketing, duh).

I’m beginning my junior year at Grand Canyon University (GCU), studying marketing and management as an honors student. At school, I’m very involved with student leadership. I’m the Assistant Director of Marketing of the Canyon Activities Board and my role is to get all the students on campus to the craziest, most creative events that we host.

I’ve been eager to learn as much as possible about the different facets of marketing. By networking with GCU alumni, I discovered the internship position at Vertical Measures and I knew it was something I needed to join.

Starting the internship

When starting this internship, I had few expectations and little experience with digital marketing. I previously completed a general marketing class and a public relations internship, but the world of marketing was still very new. Therefore, my hopes for this internship was to answer:

  1. What the heck SEO is all about?
  2. Why do these people keep saying content is King?

I was so excited to get to work in an agency setting and see how different departments of a digital marketing team work together.


What’s so great about Vertical Measures?

There are a lot of things that I like about Vertical Measures. For starters, they offer endless opportunities to learn more about different principles of digital marketing. There’s a lot of work that goes into helping each department succeed, and more importantly, the work that goes into each client strategy.

Secondly, I love the Vertical Measures staff. Everyone at Vertical Measures is focused on being helpful and the culture feels not only like a close-knit team, but a family. Of course, my favorite part about VM is the office dogs. Who doesn’t love being surprised by Jax or Roxy licking their toes?


What were the top things you learned?

The top things I learned during my summer with Vertical Measures were SEO basics, the different functions within a digital marketing agency, and that content really is KING. Prior to working for Vertical Measures, I thought people just blogged to write about themselves or a product. Now that I know better, I view the web differently. Quality content goes hand-in-hand with generating traffic, leads and conversions – and that’s an important thing to know going into content marketing!

What surprised you about digital marketing?

Digital marketing was a new world for me. What surprised me most were the client results. I had an idea that using the various digital platforms to promote businesses would boost traffic/sales. But, seeing what work went in and what results came out for our clients was truly impressive.

See for yourself:


We measure everything that we do, and our results blow away industry averages. See our work!

How would you explain your job to friends?

Since school started, I’ve been repeatedly asked how I spent my summer. To which I will usually respond, “I helped to make the internet a better place for our clients and worshipped Google.”

I tell my friends that our main goal was to drive traffic, leads and conversions for our client’s, and there are many tactics that can help boost those metrics. My contribution was to reach out to other credible websites to link to our clients because this process helps direct more website viewers to our client’s website!


See an example of the outreach Madison became an expert at creating. Learn more here!

What’s next? Where are you headed?

Now that’s a loaded question. Anytime I’m asked what my plans after graduation I respond with, “I don’t know what I am doing next week, let alone two years from now!” In the meantime, I will be finishing my bachelor’s degree in the next two years and excited to continue working part-time with Vertical Measures as a Link Developer.

While finishing school, I plan to continue being active in student leadership, take as many weekend trips as possible, and explore foreign countries in the summers. As for the distant future (2 years) I hope to continue my career in digital marketing and spend every day learning something new!


Final thoughts…

Vertical Measures has, and continues to be, a great place to learn and grow in the digital marketing industry. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work here and to be in an environment where I’m constantly learning something new and being pushed out of my comfort zone.


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Madison Nelson

Madison is a Search Engine Optimization Intern working to develop a database of partners to aid in our content marketing efforts for our clients. When not outreaching potential content partners Madison enjoys petting dogs, raiding the pantry at VM and helping with as many miscellaneous projects as possible.