Mix 96.9 Interview with Vertical Measures’ Daniel Dannenberg

Mix 96.9 Interview with Vertical Measures’ Daniel Dannenberg

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Vertical Measures had the pleasure of talking to Mix 96.9 about our latest infographic “The Final Four and the Floor.” Designer and creator of the infographic, Daniel Dannenberg explains his process, research, and inspiration for the piece with DJ Mathew Blades. Vertical Measures had a wonderful time with the Mix 96.9 crew, and the whole interview can be viewed below.


Mathew: Everybody’s talking Final Four. Everybody’s getting ready for the big games this weekend, and I wanted to invite Dan in, who made this thing that I’m looking at. What’s the name of the company that you guys work with?

Dan: We work for Vertical Measures. We’re an internet marketing company.

Mathew: Yeah. So you create things like this, and the goal is, hey, maybe a couple of these things take off and they do something.

Dan: Right, right, right. Yeah, we just create a lot of graphics. We call them infographics. Just try to visually convey data or information in a cool way, just to grab people’s attention. Maybe like teach them something.

Mathew: It’s amazing. And this Final Four graphic that you guys put together is so cool. Everybody should go to our website right now. You can take off at Mix969.com, keyword “mathew.” But it’s all about the floor and what happens to the floor that they use at the Final Four. I had no idea, which is how I got roped into this thing, but they end up giving it away at the end of the tournament.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Well, they charge you, but it’s interesting. You’ll see a lot of infographics out there, and they’re pretty straightforward. But with the Final Four being popular right now, I just thought, well let’s just try get a new spin on it, and see what else type of information is out there on it.

Mathew: It starts with a maple tree, which I didn’t know. I didn’t know how they made a basketball court, but maybe other people do. They basically come from three places – Canada, Wisconsin, and what’s the other location?

Dan: Canada, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Mathew: Michigan. And well, hey, maybe that’s not so fair this time around, seeing as how Michigan’s in the Final Four.

Dan: That’s true. That’s true.

Mathew: If they win it, they have to buy it. But that’s the part to me that was so interesting and fascinating about this whole thing. So when the Final Four wraps up, the school is given the option to buy it.

Dan: Yeah.

Mathew: Did you just research that and found that? I’m assuming that’s information that’s out there.

Dan: Yeah, I actually came across the idea, I was listening to the radio, and this fact came up about them handing out the floor. I was like, ah, there’s got to be more to this. So I researched it, and I found a good lengthy article with a lot of stats. It was like I could visualize this pretty well. It would be neat.

Mathew: And that’s what you did. You kind of, like, broke it down. You put all these graphics behind all of the stats, and you made it sort of a timeline for what happens to the Final Four floor.

Dan: Yeah, it’s quite an interesting process, really, to go through it. It’s really cool.

Mathew: I’m think they’re missing out on a marketing opportunity here – Final Four toothpicks.

Dan: I think so. I think so.

Mathew: Right?

Dan: Well, I think, what was it? Florida, the Gators, right, it’s in the infographic too. They chopped it up. I think 2006, they won, they inserted the floor, after they bought it, in their own stadium, and then the next year, they won again and they just chopped it up for memorabilia and sold it.

Mathew: Isn’t that cool?

Dan: Yeah.

Mathew: I mean, you learn so many things when you look through this graphic. And you find out that, like you just said, at the very end, schools are either given the option to buy it, it’s stored, it’s reused, or it’s sold to another school. Did you find out anything while you were doing the research for this if anybody that’s currently using a former Final Four floor?

Dan: You know, the only one that I came across was that Florida one that I heard of.

Mathew: Right.

Dan: I think they resell them just to a lot of different schools.

Mathew: Yeah, you would’d think.

Dan: Anybody that wants to bid, because it’s a little bit cheaper than just getting a brand new one.

Mathew: How much does it cost? Maybe it’s in here. How much does it cost to build a floor?

Dan: It’s in the process. It was like over $100,000.

Mathew: So selling it for 90 grand is good because the work’s already been done.

Dan: Yeah, you get a little discount. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Mathew: It’s such a cool thing. People should check this out. If you haven’t gone, Mix969.com, you enter the keyword “mathew,” and you can see it. Dan, thanks for doing this, man.

Dan: Hey, not a problem. Thank you for having me.

Daniel Dannenberg

Daniel Dannenberg is the Creative Manager at Vertical Measures, providing the company with his design knowledge on branding, illustration, UX and information graphics. +Daniel Dannenberg