Jeramie McPeek Makes Social Predictions for 2010

Jeramie McPeek Makes Social Predictions for 2010


Jeramie McPeek oversees the Phoenix Suns digital and social media initiatives as the Vice President of Interactive Services. He has been working for the organization for 17 seasons, playing an integral part in being awarded with the top team site in the NBA, and receiving the website of the year award in 2007 from the NBA. Jeramie is also the Editor-At-Large for HOOP Magazine.

Jeramie’s expertise in the social media industry is proven by the amazing efforts he has put forth to make the Suns’ online social media fan interaction arguably the best in professional sports. We had the honor of meeting with Jearmie for this interview series to answer a few of our questions about his predictions for social media in 2010.

In the video below Arnie asks Jeramie: 
1.) What are your predictions for the social media industry in general for the year ahead? 
2.) How about specifically the sports and entertainment industries, where do you see this heading? 

3.) Would you mind taking a minute to explain some of the different accounts the Phoenix Suns set up?
4.) What one critical issue should those in the social media space be concerned about or focused on in 2010?

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Do you agree with Jeramie? Will just about every athlete be on Twitter in 2010?


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